Thursday, October 20, 2016

Clinton Campaign Conspires to Smear Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange and Setup False Link to Russia

Three days ago the far left blog DailyKos ran with a story attempting to misdirect the reports that Julian Assange's, founder of wikileaks, email was not cut off by the government of Ecuador after threats made to them by Secretary of State John Kerry, but because Assange was under investigation for "grooming an 8 year old girl," through a dating site located in the US,

Wikileaks responded to the claims by showing a timeline of events from  It starts when T&C reached out to Assange's legal team to offer him $1 million in order to film a short commercial for their site.  They told his defense team the money was being supplied by the Russian government, an apparent attempt to see if they could get him to take the bait with the idea of being able to use that as proof of the meme that Russia is behind the emails leaked to Wikileaks that have revealed collusion with the mainstream media to rig debates, news stories, along with texts of Clinton's speeches to Wall Street where she calls for open borders, tax cuts for the rich, and explains how she has to have a public policy, but in private she has different ones.

When Assange didn't take the bait, T&C filed a claim with the UN that Assange used their dating site to arrange to molest an 8 year old child in  the Bahamas.  T&C then pushed a press release using the free PR website, PRWeb.  The claim was thrown out within days as fraudulent by the UN.

The website now the center of a major news story is currently offline:

While Wikileaks has linked the website to an apparent Clinton supporter through an address used by the website, we thought we'd do a little additional digging on our own.

First we started with the website's domain and while they are hiding their ownership information so you can't see who truly owns the domain name, we can tell that wasn't even registered until Sept, 2015.

Why is this important?  Well, because the company claims to have been online and servicing clients since 2011.

The Way Back Machine, known as the archive of the Internet, confirms the website did not exist prior to Oct, 2015.

The perpetrators of the faux dating site created a youtube channel in November of 2015.  The channel consists of 34 videos, 2 to promote a dating book supposedly written by the founders of, Todd and Clare Hammond of Michigan, which is currently for sale on Amazon, though not one person has purchased it and all the reviews are mocking the Assange story.

Of the 34 videos posted to the channel, more than 20 were uploaded in the first 2 weeks of January 2016.  The videos themselves have virtually no views, with what views they do have coming in the last couple days.  Doesn't exactly sound like a highly successful dating site that has reached international appeal, does it?

Another interesting tidbit, the website is a simple wordpress site.  For those of you who don't know, wordpress is typically the choice of web content management systems for those that don't know anything about web development or design.  It's a great tool for those wanting to throw up a website that looks professional almost instantly at very little to no cost, perfect for setting up sham companies.

Todd Hammond, proclaimed CEO of also has a LinkedIn profile created around the same time as the youtube channel went live, in November 2015.  There is no job or education history for Mr. Hammond aside from  The profile has had one post only, in november 2015 promoting his self-published Amazon book.

Todd has 4 LinkedIn members vouching for his skills, Francis Battaglia, a talk radio host in Arizona, Jeya Krishnan, an offshore software engineer who likely setup Mr. Hammond's wordpress site, Rocky Tapscott, an automated marketing salesmen, and someone who wished to remain anonymous.  Quite odd for a CEO of a successful online company with 11 to 50 employees to have so few connections and so little background.  It's almost like he didn't even exist before Sept, 2015.

Who is Todd and Clare Hammond?  Why don't they have any Internet trail not linked to their website?  Why do they apparently not exist before Sept 2015, while claiming to have been in business since 2011?

If you know anyone in these youtube videos or one of the people linked to Todd Hammond via LinkedIn or other social media, please contact us.  We would like to reach out to them for comment.

UPDATE 1: Francis Battaglia responded to our request for comment stating he does not know Todd Hammond and has over 22,000 LinkedIn connections.

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