Friday, November 14, 2014

Gruber Was Right, Democrat Voters are Stupid

It's the story that just won't die even though the mainstream media seems less than interested in a serious of videos produced by MIT professor Jonathan Gruber, key architect of the Obamacare legislation, in which he reveals the ways in which he and other Democrats had to craft the legislation in order to trick stupid American voters.

And make no mistake about it, when Gruber talks about the stupidity of American voters, he is specifically speaking about the stupidity of Democrat voters.  His videos were produced and released in 2013, meaning he was fully aware of the millions of Americans who were not fooled and who marched on Washington in opposition to the law.

He is not alone in the belief that Democrat voters are stupid.  Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi was asked about the growing Jonathan Gruber scandal and instead of owning up to their deceit, she chose to continue the lies by claiming she had no idea who Jonathan Gruber was and that he had no part in crafting the Obamacare legislation.

One problem, well two really, Nancy herself was caught on tape in 2009 bragging about Gruber's involvement on Obamacare and two years ago the NY Times released a story on Obamacare in which the White House is quoted as saying Jonathan Gruber was the key architect of the legislation and was sent to congress to work with staffers to draft the specifics of the law.

Even with her hand caught squarely in the cookie jar, Pelosi believes if she continues to to deny, Democrat voters will believe her.  She is probably right, how else could you explain what president Obama said about the keystone pipeline yesterday?

Yesterday when pressed on the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline President Obama stated approval depended on weighing the impact the pipeline would have on "climate change" versus lower energy costs.  Once again the President is telling his base and the American people a bold face lie.

As the president himself pointed out on Friday, even if the Keystone pipeline is not built, Canada will still pump the oil out of the ground.  They will then load the oil on rail lines and ship it to the cost where oil tankers will send it over the ocean to China where they will burn it off for fuel.  If climate change were a concern of the presidents, he would immediately approve the pipeline because the pipeline will result in less carbon emissions.  It would save on the emissions from the diesel power train engines.  It would save on the emissions from the diesel powered oil tanker engines.  And most importantly, much of the fuel would be burned in the U.S., which has much higher emissions standards than China.

While it is true the Keystone pipeline is not likely to have a dramatic reduction on the price of fuel, it is true that any increase in global supply does have a reductive effect.  In addition, the tens of thousands of high paying jobs that will be created for Americans is critical to economic growth in the country.

But again, we find the president and other Democrat leaders, just don't care about the truth that is blatant to see.  They have an agenda an they know their support is built up of the most ignorant and uninformed voters on the planet and they can continue to tell bold faced lies that their supporters will believe and vote for.

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