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The Relentless Lies of Barbara Shelly

It's election season so you can expect some stretching of the truth by Democrats, but Barbara Shelly of the KC Star has taken things to a whole new level in her latest column accusing Governor Sam Brownback of relentlessly lying to Kansans.

Shelly is among a growing class of mainstream media talking heads that is either willfully ignorant about the facts or has fully embraced Alinsky/Machiavellian tactics and is willing to say or do anything to win her party power.  After reading her piece, it seems like the latter is more likely the case.

In Shelly's case it is clear she believes the ends justifies the means.  But what is the end game for progressives like her, Obama, Paul Davis, and Greg Orman?  Obviously it is not real progress.  Instead what they envision for the future of America is a neo-Dark Ages where the lords and royals of the Democratic party rule from their Lilly white gated communities, brownstones, and Manhattan penthouses.  A country where the middle class slave away and struggle to make ends meet while watching the government steal the fruits of their labor.  A country where minorities lineup like paupers outside their local welfare offices and clinics begging for handouts.

Shelly and Democrats see a future for America where individual freedom has been vanquished and the benevolent rule from on high.  The seek to devolve society more than 5 centuries, ignoring everything the world has learned since then about the power of individual liberty and limited government, the principles that have created the largest wealth in the history of the world and lifted more people out of poverty than in system of government that has come before or since.

It's time Americans stand up to Regressives like Shelly, Obama, Davis, and Orman.

Until that happens, let's do a little fact checking on the little old white lady, Barbara Shelly and her propaganda laden column:

Where to begin?

There's the matter of the paltry $876 left in the states bank accounts after Sibelius and Parkinson left office.  Shelly says that simply couldn't be possible because there was a sales tax in place and revenue was flowing in.

Here's the problem, Barb, there are two sections in the cash flow statement: revenues and, wait for it, expenses.

Here is the cold hard truth.  At the end of fiscal year 2010, the end of Parkinson's reign, the state was left with $876.05 in it's account.  That's not conjecture that is fact.  Now, let's compare apples to apples.  At the end of fiscal year 2013, the state's bank accounts held $764 million.

There is no other way to slice the data Babs, the Democrats last fiscal year... $876, Brownback's last fiscal year... $764 million, more than 870 thousand times the amount of money left by the Democrat's budget.  And, that's after the income tax cuts passed and signed into law by Brownback that Shelly claims are draconian and bankrupting the state.

Me thinks someone didn't do to well in math, which might explain why she chose the career path she did.

Babs goes on to claim that Brownback is lying about school funding.  Once again, Shelly just can't seem to stick to the facts.

It is true that the Kansas Supreme Court interjected itself into the legislative process as it has done several times, including under Kathleen Sibelius' term as governor.  Where I come from the legislature sets the budget, but in the ultra liberal world of the Kansas Supreme Court they decide what is adequate funding.

Having said that, here is are the simple facts, to make it is easier for Barb who has such problems grasping numbers, I've included a visual.

No matter how Babs and the Democrats would like to spend it, the data is clear.  Brownback has significantly increased state school spending since he has been in office and that is even before the KSSC, the same court whose members have been holding fundraisers at their homes for Democrat candidate Paul Davis, interjected itself to give Dems and election year talking point.

Math is hard, Barbie.

Finally Barbie says tax cuts don't work and Kansas economy is paying the price.  Clearly, Shelly has as much problem understanding economics as she does basic math.  

Once again, let's go to the facts. I hope you loyal readers will forgive me if it sounds like I am repeating myself.

According to a report released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, personal income in Kansas has skyrocketed.  In fact, Kansas ranks 14th among all 50 states for the fastest growth in personal income.  
Personal income growth rank by state:  
State    Rank 
Nebraska 2 
Iowa 4 
Texas 6 
Arkansas 7 
Kansas 14 
Colorado 17 
Missouri 19 
Oklahoma 26
Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis
Thanks to Brownback's tax cuts, Kansans are keeping more of the money they earn.  More importantly, they putting that money back into the state's economy.

According to Business Insider, who ranked each state on the growth in eight economic measures:  unemployment rate, number of non-farm payroll jobs, gross domestic product, average wages, working age (18-64) population, value of international exports, house prices, and auto sales, Kansas outpaced all neighboring states, but one.  Meanwhile, Missouri, the state whose governor the Star loves to lavish praise on ranks at the very bottom. 

50 State Economies Are Doing, Ranked From Slowest To Fastest
42. Missouri
Missouri saw a 0.3% decrease in unemploymentThe GDP grew by 0.8% and wages grew by 0.6%. 
41. Iowa
Iowa saw a 1.8% growth in auto-sales and a 1.4% increase in the housing price index.Additionally, GDP grew by 2.9%. 
37. Arkansas
GDP increased by 2.4% and unemployment dropped by 1.4%.However, wages decreased by 0.36% and exports decreased by 7.4% 
33. Nebraska
Nebraska's GDP grew by 3%.The working age population grew by 0.43%.Additionally, the unemployment rate fell by 0.5%. 
28. Kansas
The unemployment rate dropped by 0.7%.Exports increased by 5%.And GDP increased by 1.9%.
20. Oklahoma
Oklahoma's GDP grew at a very impressive 4.2% rate in 2013.Oklahoma's exports grew by a respectable 3.7% between 2012 and 2013.Oklahoma added 33,900 jobs between June 2013 and June 2014, a 2.1% increase. 
3. Texas
Texas had a 3.3% increase in nonfarm payroll jobs. The working age population grew by 1.3%Exports grew by 4.1% to about $279 billion, solidifying Texas' lead in international exports among the states. 
1. Colorado
Colorado saw 1.2% growth in its working age population from 2012 to 2013.The state also had 2.8% growth in non-farm payroll jobs, adding 66,300 jobs between June 2013 and June 2014.
Colorado's GDP grew 3.8% year over year in 2013.
Source: Business Insider
The unemployment rate in Kansas is out performing the majority of the states in the region, as well, according to data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  It should be noted that Missouri is the worst among area states.
Unemployment rate for Aug 2014: 
Rank State Rate  
9 IOWA 4.5
14 KANSAS 4.9
16 TEXAS 5.3

More important than just knowing where Kansas' economy compares to surrounding states is understanding that this is happening at a time when the federal government has raised taxes for most Americans and Obamacare has caused insurance premiums to skyrocket.

Many economists believe Brownback's tax cuts, designed to completely phase out state income tax, didn't go far enough, fast enough.  While they may be right, in that regard, the simple fact is that the doom and gloom claims from the left are a complete fabrication.

Sorry, Babs, Kansans believe in real economic principles and they see the real world impact those principles have in their paychecks.  

If Kansans want to keep riding the growth train, putting more money in their pockets, and continue to build a better life for themselves and their families, they will ignore the lying liars like Barbie and Paul Davis, reject their regressive policies and stagnation and recession causing theories and vote to keep Brownback in office.

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