Monday, October 6, 2014

Orman Says Pat Roberts to Blame for Illegal Immigration

A new television attack ad released late last week by the campaign of Democrat Independent Greg Orman claims his opponent, Pat Roberts, is to blame for the countries illegal immigration problem.

Orman claims that the number of illegal immigrants in the country when Roberts arrived in Washington DC 47 years ago was just one million.  Today he says that number is eleven million, though anyone with a brain knows that number is closer to thirty million.  He lays the blame for that increase squarely on Pat Roberts.

I am going to give Orman the benefit of the doubt and assume he isn't a boldfaced liar and instead just assume he lacks the educational skills to perform even a modicum of research, because if he did, he would know Roberts has been one of the loan voices in Washington from Kansas stand up for the hard working native workers in the state against the scourge of illegal aliens.

In fact, Pat Roberts is such a strong advocate on the issue, he has received an A+ rating from Numbers USA.

More over, Roberts has voted against amnesty for illegals for generations.  In 1990 he went against his President, George HW Bush, and voted against amnesty.  In '97, '98, and 2000 he did the same under the Clinton administration.  In every year of George W Bush's presidency, Roberts voted against every effort to grant amnesty.   It should come as no surprise than, that under the most lawless president in American History, Barack Obama, Roberts has continued to oppose amnesty at every turn.

The lies in Orman's ad don't stop at Roberts' record.  He goes on to claim he doesn't support amnesty.  I guess he is counting on people not going to his web site and reading exactly what he says about it, because if they did, they'd no he was for it.
"It’s just not practical to say that we’re going to find and send back to other countries 11 million undocumented people. We’ve got whole industries in Kansas that would go away if we attempted to introduce such an unworkable policy. Towns like Dodge City and Garden City and much of the agricultural community in Kansas would be absolutely devastated
The 11 million undocumented individuals in America should be required to register with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by a certain date, pay a fine or perform community service as an acknowledgment that they’ve broken the law, hold down a job, pay taxes, and obey our laws, and ultimately, at that point, if they want to get in line and apply for citizenship, they should be able to do so."
The law is quite clear.  Entering and remaining in the United States illegally is a crime.  The punishment for that crimes is clearly spelled out, deportation, fines, and jail time for repeated offenses.  Orman wants to forgive these crimes.  That is amnesty, plain and simple.

Even worse than his lies about his position on amnesty is his reasoning for supporting it.  he claims entire industries in Kansas would go away.  What industries, Mr. Orman?  We deserve to know, because if that's the case, the businesses in those industries are committing felonies under current law and should be fined and jailed per Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii).

These unscrupulous employers use illegal aliens to gain an illegal labor advantage.  They stifle innovation, and more importantly, they harm the wages and benefits of America's native workforce, hard working Americans like Raymond Herrera, to the tune of $450 billion per year.

Orman has shown he is willing to lie about more than just which party he really belongs.  What won't Orman lie about?

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