Thursday, September 4, 2014

League of Women Voters Says Its Too Hard for Illegals to Vote in Kansas

The League of Women Voters, whose name sounds more like a bad comic book than a legitimate political organization, is doing all the can to try and find anyone who claims to have been unable to cast a vote because of Kansas' Voter ID law.

The problem they are having is that no one is complaining.  No one is out there saying they were unable to vote.  So instead, the League of Sexist Women Voters are out trying to hunt down what they claim are 20,000 voters who attempted to register in KS but have not completed their registration due to being unable to prove their citizenship.

A spokesperson for the group told the Lawrence Journal world that these registrants won't take their calls, won't return voice mails and they won't respond to their letters or emails.

Yet, the Kabal of Women Voters still expects us to believe there is a problem with Voter ID.

Oh, but they have proof.  Leave it to the LJW to find the one rich, politically connected, white lady working in academia and spending the majority of her time in DC to have a voter registration problem because of her inability to prove her citizenship.

That is proof of something, for sure.  You might even believe it is proof of it being difficult to register to vote in KS except for the fact she did prove her citizenship and is fully registered to vote in the state.  Turns out, according to the Kansas Secretary of State's office, the issues with her registration had nothing to do with the voter ID law at all and were all about her recent legal name change and her failure to complete the citizenship status question that is on every single voter registration form in the entire country.

The disingenuous nature of this claim is laughable.  I am curious, did the LJW bother to see if Marci Nielsen was also registered to vote in DC and whether she had been casting ballots there?  Ah, why would they bother doing that?  It doesn't fit the false narrative they are colluding to create.

Of the very few people who are having issues with their registration, the SOS office both calls and mails letters to them reminding them to complete their registration.  The League of Disgraced Women say that isn't enough.
"Some people are so busy just trying to provide a living for themselves and their family, and that one more thing they have to do is just too much. And some people, it is just apathy and they think it just doesn't matter," King said.
I wonder if the League of Their Own Voters were concerned with how busy American citizens were when the federal government was forcing them to go online and buy insurance plans they may not want nor need?

In the end, you can rest assured that the reason the Legion of Broom is having such a difficult time getting results from their campaign to prove Voter ID disenfranchises voters is because it doesn't and the people are their list should be on it because they aren't citizens and should not be casting ballots in the state.

But, what more would you expect from an organization that is supposedly about women voters, yet happily accepts illegal aliens among its membership.

One can't help but wonder if we aren't seeing a case of illegal collusion between the League of Crotchety Old White Ladies and Jean Schodorf, Democrat candidate for KS Secretary of State.  With the League not being a registered PAC with the state of Kansas, one has to wonder about the legality of any such collusion.

Surely her past position with the organization as their Vice President wouldn't present any opportunity for collusion?

Surely the League's convenient press releases touting their position on Voter ID isn't aligning with Schodorf's 'I was for it before I was against it" position on the issue to further her candidacy?

In the meantime, I will just sit back and contemplate the irony of an old white, liberal woman running a sexist, anti-male campaign, to try and be the state's secretary.

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