Friday, September 19, 2014

Australian ISIS Plot Reveals Danger of Insecure US-Mexico Border

The fact that our leaders aren't looking at the incident unfolding in Australia and demanding the US border be immediately locked down and secured is no less than treason.

The media is doing their best to ignore this and/or down play it, but it is critical we talk about it and get the word out.

The scale of this plot is what should be worrying all Americans.  ISIS sympathizers in more than 10 suburbs in Australia were plotting to kidnap and behead random citizens across the country and post the videos on youtube.

Why do we know this plot is legit?  It's already happened in the UK when a recent Muslim convert cut off the head of an 82 yr old grandmother in broad daylight:

He also know ISIS has been caught along the US/Mexico border at least twice in the past few days:

If one American dies by ISIS on US soil, everyone of these amnesty loving, open borders advocates needs to be held accountable for treason and dereliction of duty.  The border can and should be secured and they are willfully risking the lives of American citizens to play politics and to pander to unscrupulous crony capitalists.


Anonymous said...

NO COVERAGE avoiding the issue? Really, unlike FOX NOISE & CLUELESS FRIENDS. Sorry I don't live in fear, nor will I let fear mongers like you voice trash like this UNANSWERED

Anonymous said...

What is the point of the above comment?

theKansasCitian said...

Yep, its fear mongering... that's why Obama ordered air strikes against a cell in Syria that he says posed an "imminent threat" to America.

With comments like yours, it shows you aren't even like most libs with your head in the sand, you are worse, you have it buried so far up your ass it is border line suicidal.

It's not propaganda, its fact the US intelligence has seen and found evidence of ISIS crossing the US border.

If ISIS kills even one american on US soil, I hope patriots round up traitors like you and the people advocating amnesty and open borders and tries you all for treason and reckless endangerment.