Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Warmonger McCan Back at It, Calls for Troops to Be Sent to Nigeria

You'd think a man who spent the Vietnam War in a POW camp would be less prone to putting American troops in harms way, but in the case of John McCain you would be entirely wrong.

Apparently hashtags are enough reason in John McCain's mind to send American troops into danger, as he is now calling for that very thing.

It wouldn't be so alarming if this was the first time, but in recent memory McCain has called for arming Ukranians with American weapons, providing military support and weapons to al qaeda fighting the Libyan government, and bombing Iran.

I sure seems like the only place McCain is willing to have America stand down is in defending our own borders and ports from an illegal invasion of human smugglers and drug cartels.

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Anonymous said...

But he supports Israel.