Monday, May 12, 2014

Time for Wolf to Concede Defeat?

The KS election board, consisting of all public endorsers of Sen. Roberts campaign for re-election, have voted to allow the senator to remain on the ballot.

Milton Wolf and his supporters argued that Senator Roberts didn't meet the constitutional requirements for eligibility to run for Senate in KS as he hasn't lived in the state since 1962.  It shouldn't come as any surprise the Wolf team lost, as no other body or court has seemed to care one bit about upholding constitutional eligibility requirements for the presidency.  So, why would anyone expect any different of the requirement that a candidate be an inhabitant of the state they are representing when it comes to the Senate or House?

The simple fact is Pat Roberts left Kansas in 1962 to take a job in Arizona for a newspaper.  In 1967, he took a job as a senatorial aid in DC and moved to Virginia where he has lived ever since.  It wasn't until 1981 that Roberts was first elected to office as the 1st District Congressmen for the State of KS, taking over for his boss Keith Sebelius, who happens to be Kathleen Sebelius' father-in-law, after he retired.

Unfortunately for Wolf and his supporters the law does not care about the facts and any hope Wolf had of being able to remove his popular opponent is gone.

Polls show Roberts with a heavy lead in the race over any Democrat candidate, including Kathleen Sebelius, while the generic "other candidate," which would include Wolf, is only polling at a paltry 5%.

That leaves just one question, is it time Wolf think about ending his campaign and conceding?

No one likes admitting defeat, but at what point to you stop throwing good money after bad?  The odds are stacked against Wolf.  He is getting little to no publicity, despite having national Tea Party organizations and a popular conservative national radio show host endorsing him.

Wolf has been unable to distinguish differences between what he stands for and Roberts largely favorable voting record.  Without the residency issue the only thing Wolf has left is Roberts' age and that has never been proven to much of a successful argument.

Perhaps it is time to do what is best for the conservative movement and put this campaign behind us and start mending some fences and rebuilding relationships that have been bitterly torn apart by this campaign that always seemed like more of a forgone conclusion than a true contest.

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