Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gov. Jay Nixon Doesn't Want Poor Black Kids in the Same Schools as His Kids

Yesterday afternoon Jay Nixon, confirmed racist according to the Daily Kos, channeled another racist liberal Democrat governor of the past, Orval Faubus, when he vowed to veto the bi-partisan bill that would allow Missouri's school children stuck in failing schools to have the opportunity to move to a good school.  The vast majority of the kids stuck in failing schools are poor black children living in St. Louis and Kansas City.

Nixon seems hell bent on using his veto power as governor to metaphorically deploy the Missouri National Guard to keep black children out of the schools he and his fellow elitist Democrats send theirs.

Where is Lewis Duguid?

Where is the NAACP and Reverends Sharpton and Jackson?

The last time a Democrat tried to keep black children segregated the Republican president responded swiftly and decisively to end the racist actions of the governor.  Where is America's first black president now?

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Anonymous said...

Nixon was probably less 'racist' as elitist. I know of few parents who don't want their kids going to 'good schools...meaning 'good classmates'. And more.

Like everybody in Kansas outside KCK, all of Lees, northland, parochial, etc.