Wednesday, May 21, 2014

America Dumbs Down

"The U.S. is being overrun by a wave of anti-science, anti-intellectual thinking. Has the most powerful nation on Earth lost its mind?"  That's how Jonathan Gatehouse of Maclean's, a candian national affairs magazine, opened his latest article.

I always love articles like this because they claim anti-science and anti-intellectual thinking comes from the right.  I agree with him in one sense, America is becoming anti-science and anti-intellectual, not because of the right, but because the left continues to operate with closed minds, preaching dogmas of pure faith disguised as science.

This article primarily focuses on Darwins THEORY of evolution (emphasis added).  The writer claims it's been verified a million different ways, I wonder if he can produce just ten.  How does Darwin's theory explain the Cambrian explosion?  How does explain the transition from simple protein to complex cell consisting of millions of proteins all performing different functions?

The simple fact is Darwin's theory can't explain these things.  That is why it is still considered a theory and not a law like gravity or any of the multitude of other scientific laws.

The left says Global Warming, sorry Climate Change, is "settled science".  What is settled science?

Any scientist who doesn't believe his findings are still open to new data is no scientist.  In the '60's those same people said over population was going to destroy the environment by depleting food and land reserves by the mid 70's... that settled science was wrong.  In the 70's they said Global Cooling was going to put us in an ice age and kill off the human race by within 30 yrs.  After a brief period of moderate warming in the early 90's they again changed their story to say the Earth is warming and we are nearing the end of our ability to do anything about it.  When no new documented warming was found to have occurred in the last 16 years, suddenly it is climate change we have to worry about.

At the same time global warming prostates try and discourage any kind of intellectual examination of their beliefs by labeling them "climate deniers", a term the mainstream media was quick to regurgitate. But who are the deniers, those that continue to question the so-called evidence of global warming or those who close their minds to the very likely possibility the data they have built their house of cards upon is flawed.

Seems their settled science isn't so settled and to claim it is, is clear evidence of their anti-intellectual, anti-science views.

When it comes to other issues, like race, again we find the left doesn't want people to think.  Last weekend Eric Holder gave a commencement speech in which he lamented zero tolerance public school policies as racist, evidenced by the reality that they affect black males at 3 times the rate of white males.  Can a policy that says zero tolerance for violence, drug abuse, rape, or worse be racist?  Shouldn't the correct response be to ask why black males are being affected at a higher rate and not just blame the results of a color blind policy on the strawman of racism?

As Albert Einstein once said, "A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be."

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