Monday, April 14, 2014

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, Communist Sympathizer or Bad Interior Decorator?

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and wife Claire Shipman, who just happens to be an ABC News contributor (Conflict of interest?), have hit it big in the aristocrat world and now been featured in Washington's most influential, high society rag of record, the Washington MOM.

What may have gone unnoticed by many, are the strange choice of decor the Carney's have selected for their home.  In their kitchen, one can find two Soviet-era propaganda posters book-ending a set of large picture windows.

Why do two such esteemed liberal Democrats find the propaganda of ruthless regimes so appealing?

A look into their highly Photoshopped library, reveals more USSR memorabilia:

No, I am not talking about the severed finger of Carney's son that can be seen embedded in the books several times, but the miniature bust of Mikhail Gorbachev sitting on the second to the bottom shelf on the lower right.

I know the two met in Moscow during the 90's.  Can't help but wonder if it wasn't at a Communist singles club.


Anonymous said...

The Kansas Citian? Nitpicky moron or unintelligent buffoon?

Well, both!

Anonymous said...

This might be a little nitpicky, but I do find it interesting. You will note that displaying USSR memorabilia might cause the ire of conservatives like the Kansas Citian, but it does not get one blacklisted in American society. And apparently the first commenter finds nothing wrong with displaying the imagery of a murderous regime.

Now contrast Mr. Carney's treatment in the mainstream if instead of USSR imagery, he displayed German National Socialist imagery? I doubt he would have many defenders calling it nitpicky to point this out. I also imagine he'd lose his job.

I admit that I find the anthem of the USSR, and now the rewritten one of Russia, to be among the best in the world. But I also find the Horst Wessel Lied agreeable. Of course I would never admit to this in public.

So why is it liking the imagery of one murderous regime is permitted, while the imagery of a less murderous regime is prohibited?

PS. Though I am a Yankee, I must say I find Dixie catchey. Though I doubt I could publicly admit it today.