Wednesday, April 23, 2014

There is No such Thing as Voter Fraud


There is no such thing as voter fraud, at least that is what the left would have you believe.  But, tell that to the voters of Alabama where a new study has found at least 4 counties where there are more active voters than adult residents.

In Lowndes county there are 8,540 adult residents according 2012 census data.  However, 9,585 ballots were cast in the 2012 presidential race.  You might be wondering who carried that county and if you are suspect Barack Obama you'd be right.  In fact, Obama garnered more than 76% of the vote in the county.

The other 3 counties with more votes cast than voters were Greene, Macon, and Wilcox.  And once again, Obama won all three by huge margins, 85, 85, and 74% respectively.

Election officials are dismissing the study claiming the census data is likely under reporting the number of adults living in the counties.  They allege many people are fearful of talking to census takers.

That's certainly a plausible excuse, but why than did none of the counties with access votes cast break toward Romney?  In the counties with vote discrepancies the margins were dramatically one sided and all towards Obama.

Legitimate voting Alabamans who may have been disenfranchised by this news can breath a sigh of relief.  A new voter ID law will go into affect on June 3rd and the likelihood future elections will be susceptible to fraud will be dramatically reduced.

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