Monday, April 28, 2014

The GOP, a Republican Party of Women

You wouldn't know it by listening the "war on women" rhetoric coming out of the mouths of leftists and parroted by the mainstream media, but women have a history of leading the Republican Party.  From the early days of the abolitionist movement to Susan B. Anthony and her fellow Republican women gathering in their homes, women have been at the forefront of Republicanism and defining the goals and values of the Republican Party.  The tradition is just as true today as it ever was.

At the national level, 4 of the 5 women currently serving as state governors are Republicans.  And while Republicans only make up a quarter and a third of the House and Senate respectively, they wield overwhelming influence within the state party organizations.

Take for example the state of Kansas, where 3 of the 4 state GOP district chairs are women.  Political activists in the area will recognize names like Susan Wagle, Mary Pilcher-Cook, Julia Lynn, Kay O'Conner, Vicki Sciolaro, Anne Hodgdon, Leah Herron, Mary Kay Kulp, Patricia Stoneking, and countless others who work tirelessly behind, and often times in front of, the scenes to help craft the party's platform and get like minded Republicans elected.

It's telling that the most electric and inspiring Republican since Reagan just happened to be a woman.  It's even more telling how the media responded to her meteoric rise.

Women's influence within the Republican Party is not news to most people.  It's not news to Democrats either, which is why they work so hard at crafting their anti-women smears.

The truth is, Republicans have always held a strong lead among married women.  Where as single women, who tend to be divorced and/or single parents, tend to break fro Democrats because they have become more susceptible to the ideas of government dependence and hand outs.

What single mother would turn away free birth control pills, even if it is only costing her $8 a month from Wal-mart without a prescription or health insurance?  What working mother wouldn't want taxpayers to foot the bill for their children's pre-school and daycare?  As the 2012 election results revealed, very few.

The reality that the Republican Party is truly the party of independent, responsible women, threatens Democrats, which is precisely why they work constantly to push policies designed to break apart families or discouraging marriage altogether.  For the first time since they began taking the census, less than 50% of US households are married and the average age for women and men to be married is at an all time high.

By constantly pushing their "us versus them" meme in all their speeches and campaign commercials, the left capitalizes on their destructive policies, ensuring an ever growing base of dependency class citizens looking for their next government benefit, but at what cost?  What good will the power the left wields in Washington be when they have destroyed the very fabric of American society that has traditionally made the country so successful?

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