Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rumors of Sebelius Return to KS Politics Makes Her the Butt of the Joke

I heard Kathleen Sebelius tried to file to run for Senate in Kansas but the website was down.

The KC Star is reporting that KS Secretary of State Kris Kobach has extended the filing dead line to run for US Senate for 3 months.

President Obama has granted a waiver to Kansas Democrat candidates for US Senate.  They now will not be required to comply with Kansas election laws until 2015.

Senate candidates from Kansas have received news from the election board that their 2014 filings have been cancelled and they must refile through the new federal election exchange website that is expected to be online and in working order sometime around 2017.

Rumor is Kathleen Sebelius will run for the Senate in Kansas.  However, she will have lots of competition as the federal government now mandates all Kansans run for Senate as part of the president's signature legislation, the Available Candidate Act (ACA).

Kathleen Sebelius new Senate campaign slogan: Vote for Sebelius and Get a Free Abortion.

The CBO is reporting the cost of Kathleen Sebelius's campaign website has reached just over $600 billion.

The Kansas Secretary of State's office is reporting they will change the way votes are tabulated in 2014.  The results of the change is expected to increase the number of votes cast by dead voters by 2 to 3% or whatever Kathleen Sebelius needs to win.

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