Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Obama's Victory Lap

"Every single Drive-By reporter called Obama's Rose Garden address on Obamacare 'a victory lap.' So it didn't matter where you watched the news yesterday, that's what you got." ~ Rush Limbaugh
This is what Obama's victory lap looks like:

7.1 million visitors to looking for insurance plans and pricing over a 6 month time frame that included a 100% increase in the open enrollment period.

According to a Rand report released yesterday, they estimate only 858 thousand people have signed up for a plan through the exchange and paid their first months premium during the 6 month open enrollment period.

A report released earlier this year by RCP found that the vast majority of enrollment numbers spouted by the administration consist of new Medicaid enrollees that would have enrolled even if Obamacare was not passed into law, which contained a large expansion to the program, based on the enrollment patterns in the months and years before Obamacare's provision went into affect.

More than $600 million has been spent on a website that continued to have issues even after the open enrollment period ended.  Security exports have also reported the site is filled with flaws and deficiencies that puts consumers' private data at significant risk.

More than 6.5 million insured Americans, happy with their plans and their doctors, lost their coverage in just the first few months after Obamacare's mandate went into effect.  To lesson the growing disaster President Obama issued an illegal executive directive ordering insurance companies to stop canceling plans and granting waivers to big corporations and campaign donors.

I'd hate to see what Obama's idea of losing looked like...

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