Friday, April 25, 2014

Cliven Bundy, Racist and Amnesty Supporter

I've often said that there are two people who support amnesty.  There are those on the Democrat side who know that amnestied illegal immigrants will break heavily for Democrats once they become citizens, which explains why they are willing to throw America's laborers under the bus and allow their wages to be depressed.  On the other side are the crony capitalist Republicans and profits at any cost business owners who want cheap slave-like labor even if it means ceding all future national elections to Democrats.

The NY Times was careful in editing comments made by Cliven Bundy to reveal his racist positions about slavery being better for blacks than being government dependent.  While it's impossible to argue that black families have been decimated by liberal policies, its also impossible to entertain any ideas that would imagine slavery as a better alternative.  So, yeah, Bundy sure seems like a racist to me.

But what the NY Times didn't show you is even more revealing.  Cliven Bundy supports amnesty.  I can't help but wonder how many illegals he employs on his ranch.

If he is unwilling to pay his grazing fees, which I agree may be a legitimate complain of Buncy's, is he also unwilling to abide by America's immigration and labor laws?

Based on his comments, it seems the answer is probably yes.

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