Wednesday, January 29, 2014

If Nobody Else Will Say It, I Will...

It is not the job of the federal government, or any government for that matter, to protect people from their bad decisions.

If someone chooses to covet their cell phone, cable TV, or Jimmy Choo high heels more than they desire to protect themselves or their family with at least catastrophic health insurance than it should not be on society to pick up the tab if they get sick.  And, it most certainly should not be on doctors and hospitals to provide free care beyond that which is truly emergency imminent life saving care.

If someone is truly in a position to have to choose between eating and insurance than they qualify for medicaid.  Society has provided them assistance.  If they are too proud or too lazy to sign up than it is on them to live with that decision.

When it comes to wages the government should not be telling private businesses what they must pay.

If someone chose to drop out of school or not continue their education through higher education or by learning a trade than businesses should not be forced to increase their pay to make up for those bad decisions.  It is the responsibility of the person to better themselves in order to increase their worth and by extension their wage.

America is an empathetic nation.  When we see someone hurting we want to help them.  As any good parent knows, unfortunately, sometimes the best way to help someone is through a little tough love.

Whenever the government tries to protect people from their own bad decisions, it ends up taking away liberty from everyone else and punishing those who made the tough, but right chooses.

The slippery slope of nanny state government has allowed tyranny to grow like a cancer devouring the American dream as it spreads throughout the nation.  Today the federal and state governments feel empowered to spy on their citizens phone calls, text messages, emails, and Internet habits.  They have given themselves the power to take one person's property in order to give it to another for no other reason than to possibly bring in more tax revenue.  The government can now even force Americans to buy and product or service it wants them to or levy massive taxes on them for refusing.

If the patient, or the nation in this case, is to be saved that cancer must be cut out.  There is no hope of that happening until the majority of people recognize the proper legislative role of government is to protect people from other people' decisions, that period where one person's pursuit of happiness infringes on another's and nothing more.


abcnkc said...

It must be different in Missouri where I live. To get health care (ACA) I would have to pay all except approx. $100.00 of my monthly Social Security check to get the most basic plan with the highest deductible. I have applied for help from Mo. Medicare, but it doesn't look good.

I think it is the same in Kansas.

theKansasCitian said...

Thanks for the comment.

If I may ask, are you old enough for Medicare?

This is one of the big problems with the ACA. Without it you would be able to buy a catastrophic plan for around $50 a month. However, even the weakest ACA plan requires so much coverage for none necessities that it is unaffordable for most, if not all but the wealthy.

theKansasCitian said...

I also reviewed KanCare documentation and if you qualify for SSI you would qualify for some medical benefits... whatever some means.