Thursday, January 2, 2014

EAC Requests Public Comment on Kansas' Voter ID Law

The Election Assistance Commission, who has been disenfranchising Kansas voters by not including information regarding the legal identification requirements for registering to vote in the state, is seeking comment from the public on whether they should continue the practice or abide by their mandate to properly inform voters.

The United States Election Assistance Commission (“EAC”) seeks public comment on whether to amend the State-specific instructions applicable to Arizona, Kansas, and Georgia on the National Mail Voter Registration Form (“Federal Form”). Those States have requested that the EAC modify their State-specific instructions on the Federal Form to include State law requirements that, as a precondition to registering to vote in Federal elections, voter registration applicants provide additional proof of their United States citizenship beyond that already required by the Federal Form. EAC is voluntarily soliciting public comment on these requests from Arizona, Kansas, and Georgia.
Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is urging Kansans to request the EAC update their information so that voters using the EAC form can be properly registered to vote in state elections as well as federal.

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