Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dem Kelly Kultala Announces Intentions to Challenge Yoder

He took a nude dip in the sea of Galilee and voted to cut veterans pensions in the omnibus spending bill, and it still wasn't enough to convince any tea party Republicans to challenge Kevin Yoder for his seat in congress.  So, I am not quite sure why Democrat Kelly Cthulhu thinks she has a shot.

Yoder, for his few public missteps, has proven to be a very popular representative by both moderates and conservatives in Kansas.  One of the primary reasons for that is, unlike his predecessor, Yoder has made himself available to his constituents.

He spends just as much, if not more, time in Kansas as he does DC.  He hosts numerous town halls each year and shows up at a wide variety of events.  I have found him to be extremely accessible and willing to listen, even when we disagree.

Cthulhu's primary reasons for Kansas voters to choose her over Yoder?  She wants to help businesses grow jobs and cut wasteful spending.  Oh yeah, and she loves working across the isle.

I guess that's why she voted against lowering the state income tax in an effort to attract more businesses to Kansas, sponsored a job killing bill to raise the minimum wage, and doesn't seem to have supported any real spending cuts in the last several sessions.  She voted against the state's effort to determine its own healthcare policies. She even voted against reporting requirements for the barbaric practice of partial birth abortion.

Perhaps she strained her back reaching across the isle a few years ago, that's the only thing I can fathom to explain her distinct lack of bipartisanship on the big issues that matter to Kansans.

Kelly Cthulhu record shows she has more in common with Barrack Obama than Kansans.

I suppose her announcement is somewhat good news for Brownback and Kris Kobach's re-election efforts.  They'll be less Democrat campaign cash flowing into their opponents' pockets.

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