Friday, December 27, 2013

Chamber of Commerce Promises $50 Million to Fight Pro-America Candidates

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is tired of Tea Party groups standing up for American workers by fighting against granting amnesty to the employers of slave-like illegal labor.  They are tired of them standing in the way of crony-capitalism and lucrative government pork.
"Our No. 1 focus is to make sure, when it comes to the Senate, that we have no loser candidates," Chamber strategist Scott Reed told The Wall Street Journal. "That will be our mantra: No fools on our ticket."
"Fools," that is how the U.S. Chamber of Commerce refers to those who would put the good of the nation before their own unscrupulous greed.  And they're putting their money where there mouth is, swearing to spend at least $50 million to defeat Tea Party candidates in the 2014 mid-terms.

For decades the U.S Chamber has helped usher in the kinds of squishy candidates that are more than willing to conspire with the left to allow more and more parasites to leach off the government treasury.  As a result, the elitist rich have gotten fatter and the willfully poor and been paid to remain quiet, all the while the middle-class and working poor have seen their wages and opportunities decimated.

A recent op-ed by Joseph Epstein, published in the Wall-Street Journal, laments the current establishment, ruling class:
"Trust, honor, character: The elements that have departed U.S. public life with the departure from prominence of WASP culture have not been taken up by the meritocrats. Many meritocrats who enter politics, when retired by the electorate from public life, proceed to careers in lobbying or other special-interest advocacy. University presidents no longer speak to the great issues in education but instead devote themselves to fundraising and public relations, and look to move on to the next, more prestigious university presidency. 
A financier I know who grew up under the WASP standard not long ago told me that he thought that the subprime real estate collapse and the continuing hedge-fund scandals have been brought on directly by men and women who are little more than "greedy pigs" (his words) without a shred of character or concern for their clients or country. Naturally, he added, they all have master's degrees from the putatively best business schools in the nation. 
Thus far in their history, meritocrats, those earnest good students, appear to be about little more than getting on, getting ahead and (above all) getting their own. The WASP leadership, for all that may be said in criticism of it, was better than that."
He goes on to lament our elite educational system as one that does not prepare the individual to lead, but instead trains them to be followers of the puppeteers:
"Having been a good student, no matter how good the reputation of the school—and most of the good schools, we are coming to learn, are good chiefly in reputation—is no indication of one's quality or promise as a leader. A good student might even be more than a bit of a follower, a conformist, standing ready to give satisfaction to the powers that be so that one can proceed to the next good school, taking another step up the ladder of meritocracy."
Those on the right would be wise to oppose the parasites on their own side with at least as much fervor as they do those on the left. For it is the parasites on the right that have been the most destructive to the American way of life, always willing to sacrifice the welfare of their countrymen in exchange for growing their own riches, knowing full well that their globalist, anti-American policies will never effect them because they have the financial means to escape their consequences.

If ever America needed a Tea Party for the 21st century, one willing to throw the proverbial tea of the crony capitalists into the harbor, it is now.


Anonymous said...

Newsmax, huh?

The same website that declared Reagan's Childhood Home to Become Parking Lot for Obama's Library? (a lie)

Or the classic Recession Linked to Rise in Abortions? (a total fallacy)

You're sinking pretty low. but I have a helpful suggestion.

I think you should go sign up and start posting at Free Republic. It'll be as though you're safely enveloped by the warm glow of the burning cross you so richly cherish, as you regale in your flowing white robes. There, you can bemoan your personal circumstances, shift responsibility, and blame others for the horrible tragedy of your bitter unfulfilled life.

Go there now. You'll be able to shut this blog off and delete all its content (it won't be missed a bit). It contributes nothing - except it gives us all a hobby, making fun of your stupidity.

Now go.

Anonymous said...

you must have touched a nerve on this useful liberal idiot because apparently he couldnt read well enough to see the story newsmax is reporting on came from WSJ.

maybe he better get his beret and black coat on so he can go scare little old ladies or find some young white mom to sucker punch to fulfill his liberal fueled hate filled wet dreams.

Anonymous said...

It'll be as though you're safely enveloped by the warm glow of the burning cross you so richly cherish, as you regale in your flowing white robes.

Where are you coming up with this? Where is the religion and racism angle? Or is that just projection on your part?

The post I just read points out that the Chamber of Commerce is going to try to influence the GOP primaries next year to ensure candidates favorable to them get nominated.

For good measure a link to a WSJ editorial was thrown in to show that the leadership of this nation is not measuring up to the leadership of the past. Maybe this is why locals like the Tea Party have tried to take matters into their own hands since they, and most Americans, are not getting the leadership we expect.

The blogger concluded by criticizing the leadership of his party, I presume, in a most strongly worded manner. I'd like to see people on the other side do the same.

Finally, you need to exorcise your negative racial and religious thoughts and stop projecting them upon others.