Friday, October 4, 2013

Reid on Funding Care for Kids With Cancer, 'Why Would We Do That?'

Obama, Reid, and the Congressional Democrats are hoping to create pain for their gain and the media is acting as their accomplice.

The Washington Post released a large piece the other day lambasting Republicans over the shutdown's impact on the National Institute of Health.  Trying to pull at the heart strings of readers by saying kids with cancer won't be able to get their treatment.  Kansas City local media followed suit with reports of a child waiting to get a bone marrow transplant.  These reports all blamed Republicans for putting them in danger.

However, the Republicans in the House passed a funding measure specifically for the NIH so these kids could get their treatments, along with hundreds of others with heart conditions, diabetes, and many other ailments.

Reid refused to take up the funding measure in Senate and President Obama vowed to veto it even if they did.

One CNN reporter had the fortitude to ask Harry Reid why he won't just bring the bill up and pass it if it will help just one child.

Harry Reid's response, "Why would we do that?"

How many reports did the Washington Post and other media do about these kids after the Senate refused to take up the measure?  How many questioned why Democrats are putting these kids in danger?

That's right, none.  Which begs the question, are these media outlets concerned about the well being of these children or are they just looking to score points against Republicans?

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