Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Boycott Black Friday

In order to get access to cheap slave-like illegal labor and keep their spot at the crony capitalist table, businesses are declaring war on the Tea Party and vowing to fund RINOs in primaries across the country.

It's time to defund those who would sell out Americans for sheer greed.

Retailers were particularly frustrated that the long-running feud and standoff between the parties — which has been postponed until early next year — threatens for the second year in a row to spoil the critical Christmas shopping season, when one-quarter of all U.S. retail purchases are made and an even larger share of retail profits are made. 
Besides the retail federation, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the largest U.S. business lobby, “will be getting more involved in primaries this cycle,” said Blair Latoff Holmes, the organization’s executive director for media relations. 
He said the Chamber of Commerce has kept tabs on legislators’ votes on the debt ceiling and government shutdown as well as their positions on issues such as trade, immigration, and entitlement and tax reform, with an eye toward deciding which candidates to support.

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