Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Avoiding a Shutdown: The GOP Compromise

Let's be clear about what the Democrats and the president are rejecting and shutting the government down over. 

House Republicans passed a CR that fully funds the government, removes the subsidies to Congressional employees (so they have to play by the same rules as the people they represent), and a one year delay in the health insurance purchase mandate.

That last one is just a DELAY in the provision that FORCES people to buy health insurance. It doesn't shutdown the exchanges, it doesn't remove the pre-existing condition exemption or the cap on insurance company profits, it doesn't even remove the billions of dollars in new taxes. 

All delaying the mandate does is say for the next year, just like the big corporations and big Obama campaign donors, the people are not forced to buy health insurance. They can still voluntarily do so. They can still shop the exchanges and still get their subsidies if they qualify.

It's called liberty, its called fairness. It allows the people who really believe in and want Obamacare to get it without forcing those who don't, to do so. Yet, Obama still is willing to shutdown the government because he wants to force a very, very small percentage of people to do something they don't want to.

And still the media wants to blame the GOP for the shutdown? They want to pretend as though a request for a delay in the mandate is some radical idea?

Simply ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Hey nice try! Real nice try.

But consider that the Affordable Care Act is law, and was upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court, and is therefore valid. So in essence, your hallowed Cons lost, and are kicking and screaming and basically having a temper tantrum - in much the whiny childish manner you seem to have mastered - and holding hundreds of thousands of federal employees hostages.

You couldn't block ACA. You didn't retake the Senate. You lost the Supreme Court decision and you lost the Presidential election.

And they contend the Democratic Party refuses to negotiate, when, in fact, they have no leg to stand on.

Can Cons offer any solid proposals? What did Ted Cruz say Sunday? Get a job!

You sound like a fool.

There is a good book on this phenomena, called When Prophecy Fails. It documents what happens when cult leaders' predictions of apocalypse fail. The surprising finding was that when these prophecies fail, some followers drift away, but most stayed with the leader and double down on yet another prophecy--usually even more outlandish than the original failed prophecy. The Republican't Party has become like a cult: no constructive ideas, only failed prophecies of apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

But consider that the Affordable Care Act is law, and was upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court, and is therefore valid.

That is immaterial. Laws are passed and changed all the time. The power of the purse is given to the House of Representatives. So they are doing nothing un-Constitutional.

What you are suggesting is that people should never try to change policies that, at a point in time, are in place and legal. If this were so, then why would proponents of gay marriage take to the courts? After all, when the term was coined, it was not legal. The same could be said about many issues.

It seems the left feels an issue should be contested continually until they get their desired outcome. At which point all debate ceases and that issue is set in stone.

PS. Whoever runs this blog should do something about the comment preview window. It is useless and gives no indication of how one's comment will appear.