Friday, October 18, 2013

Arrowhead, Loudest Stadium in the World or Giant Hoax?

Chiefs fans have been all aflutter over their 6-0 start, despite their opponents have a combines .307 winning percentage.  And to their credit, pretty much the same group of players that went 2-14 last year have done a wonderful job of turning things around.  So when the Guinness Book of World Records proclaimed Arrowhead the loudest stadium in the NFL, you can understand why Chiefs fans have latched onto it with pride.

Unfortunately, much like their deceptive 6-0 start, their world record appears to be nothing but a big lie.

Here is what the Guinness Book of World Records says about the record:
The loudest crowd noise at a sports stadium (outdoor) was 137.5 decibels achieved by fans of the Kansas City Chiefs (USA) at Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri, USA on 13 October 2013. 
The peak recording occurred following a sack of Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor, with 42 seconds remaining in the 4th quarter.
After reading that description any football fan should have alarm bells going off in their head.  Really?  Did Chiefs fans really roar the loudest during that game with only 42 seconds left in the 4th quarter?

At the time Guinness says the record occurred, the Chiefs were up 24 to 7.  The Raiders had the ball on their own 39 yard line with no hopes of being able to make up a three score deficit in the remaining time.  As any person who has ever attended a Chiefs game at Arrowhead knows, under those conditions, a large portion of the crowd would have already headed out of the stadium.

Given the suspect description of the record we felt we had no choice but to go to the tape.  What we discovered was that not only was the crowd lackadaisical in their response to the sack, but the sack itself was a voluntary slide by Terrelle Pryor, hardly the result of an act of superior athletic prowess by the Chief's defense that would inspire an entire stadium to go crazy with joy.

Fast forward to 1:56 in this video released by the NFL to see and, more importantly, hear for yourself.

What is sad for Chiefs fans, who I believe are entirely capable of earning the record of loudest stadium in the world on their own, is that forever this record could go down as tarnished and undeserved.  On the other side, Seattle Seahawks fans, the previous record holders, may have had their record unjustly replaced.

One has to wonder if the $7,500 the Chiefs organization paid to have a Guinness rep on hand had anything to do with the questionable awarding of the record.

So, what do you think?  Did the Chiefs fan set the record or was this nothing more than a marketing gimmick to pit Chiefs and Seahawk fans against each other?


Anonymous said...

Arrowhead can get loud especially under the right circumstances.

A) The Chiefs need to relevant that season.

B) The Chiefs need to be playing a hated rival, or their needs to be playoff implications on the line.

C) The game needs to be tense and undecided. A big lead on either side is not conducive to loud crowd noise.

D) Preferably the game should be played at night under the lights. Night time games bring out more passion generally than afternoon ones, all else being equal.

With that said, I doubt Arrowhead was the loudest it has ever been on Sunday, let alone the loudest in the world.

First, the Chiefs are relevant so far and they were playing a rival. But the Raiders don't inspire the fear and hatred that they used to. And outside of the fact you want to win every game, there was not much on the line in terms of playoff implications. The game occurred too early in the season for that.

Second the game was not all tense and undecided when they claim the record occurred.

Third, the game was played during the afternoon which is not as hyped up as a night game would be that would be a featured nationally televised game such as Sunday Night or Monday Night Football.

I personally believe they have been many occasions where Arrowhead was louder. But I can't believe this past Sunday was the pinnacle.

I bet Seattle and other cities now are going to engage in stunts like this to break the record. So I doubt Arrowhead will keep it for long.

scott naime said...

hey anonymous, what team are you a fan of? you dont sound very educated on the ways of arrowhead or their fans..