Thursday, October 17, 2013

$2b, the Price Mitchell McConnell Received to Sell Out His Country

The so-called "compromise" reached by Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid to temporarily re-open the government and raise the debt ceiling contained a hidden measure that will essentially end the idea of the government having a ceiling on their debt.

The new provision would automatically increase the debt ceiling when America's debt begins to near it.  The only way to stop the increase would be for congress to pass a measure preventing it by a filibuster proof majority.  In today's hyper-partisan environment it will be extremely rare for anyone party to have such a large majority.  To make matters worse, it would be political suicide for any party to purposefully block the debt ceiling increase as the media and their political opponents will be able to say they are purposefully trying to default on the nation's debt.

The compromise will fully fund the government until mid-January and will raise the debt ceiling until bid-February, at which point it will be automatically increased.  The establishment class politicians say this will buy them time to negotiate budget issues.

In addition to fully funding the government and effectively eliminating the nation's debt ceiling forever, everything Democrats wanted, the deal would also require income verification for those applying for Obamacare subsidies, a provision that was already part of the Affordable Care Act.

One might be tempted to look at this "compromise" and be hard pressed to find what it is Republicans got in exchange for giving the Democrats everything they were demanding and then some.  We know it isn't the Obamacare income verification because that was already part of the law.  So, what was it?

Well, buried deep within was a small provision that changed a couple words in the budget.  That provision increased the money dedicated to a pork project in Kentucky, that Mitch McConnell had been a strong advocate for, from $700m to $2.9b. [1]

So there you have it, Mitch McConnell sold out his base, 71% of which supported continuing the government shutdown, for $2 billion in pork. [2]

The tone deaf establishment Republicans have likely given Obama exactly what he wanted.  The snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and sold out their voters for pork.  As a result, many Republican donors and voters will be looking to replace them in the mid-term election, an act that will risk handing the Democrats a majority in the House and Senate.

If Republican voters ever want to end the never ending slide to the left the country has taken at the hands of their establishment class "leaders" they must refuse to continue rewarding them with re-election.

Rumors are also circulating on capital hill that while the country was distracted by the shutdown and amnesty plan has been drawn up in the House.  Should it pass, it will go to conference and be signed into law.  The establishment will have hammered in the final death nail into their party and country.

It is time to stop putting party before country.  Vote the bums out.

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