Tuesday, July 23, 2013

False Flags, Everyone's Getting in the Game

Wikipedia describes False Flags as "covert operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities, groups or nations than those who actually planned and executed them."

No better description fits what Renee Vaughan did at a recent pro-Zimmerman rally.

racist proud plant

Seen above sporting a "racist & proud" sign, photos of and provocative comments made by Vaughan were picked up by the Associated Press and spread like wild fire across left wing blogs.

 "We're racist. We're proud. We're better 'cause we're white."

When conservative bloggers discovered Vaughn was really a far left activist and was their to smear the marches participants, the left wing media moved quickly into damage control.  The Houston Chronicle, the original source for the image and quotes modified their story.

Originally it read:
One woman in the Zimmerman group held a sign that said, “We’re racist & proud.”
Austin resident Renee Vaughan echoed the sign’s ugly sentiments by yelling, “We’re racist. We’re proud. We’re better because we’re white,” at the Martin group as they passed, according to the Chronicle.
It was later changed to read:
At one point, Renee Vaughan of Austin mocked protesters by chanting, "We're racist. We're proud. We're better 'cause we're white."
No effort was made by the paper to disclose the editorial content change.


Anonymous said...


I think a better term than false flag for this lady is Agent provocateur.

More generally, the term may refer to an undercover person or group of persons that seek to discredit or harm another group (often, peaceful protest or demonstration) by provoking them to commit a wrong or rash action (thus, undermining the protest or demonstration as whole).

theKansasCitian said...

Very true. I chose false flag because the Alex Jones crowd has made the term all the rage.