Friday, June 21, 2013

Stop the Gang of Heights Attack on the American Worker. #VoteNoOnSB744 #NoAmnesty

Dear Reader,

I am writing you today to urge you to oppose the Comprehensive Immigration Reform plan drafted behind closed doors by the aptly named Gang of 8.

I could overwhelm you with the litany of data available that shows the devastating economic impacts of our current immigration policy that would only be exacerbated by this latest CIR plan, data like that presented by renowned immigration expert Professor George Borjas of Harvard University that found that America’s native work force loses $402 billion annually in wages and benefits due to the downward pressure low-skilled immigrants put on the labor market.  Instead, I would like you to consider the national security implications of this plan.

Much has been made of the fact the terrorists who carried out the attacks in Boston were recent immigrants.  What is more alarming is that they were Islamic immigrants from a country known as a hotbed for radical Islamic terror.  Events like the Beslan school siege and the Moscow theater hostage should have been enough warning to the United States against allowing immigration from Chechnya.  Had they heeded those warnings, the attack in Boston, I am sad to say, would have been prevented.  The blood of the victims killed and maimed in those attacks is on the hands of those in Washington, like Sen. John McCain, who allowed and championed the importation of Chechen extremists.

I would also like to remind you that 15 of the 19 hijackers who carried out the 9/11 attacks, which resulted in the loss of more than 3,000 lives and led to two wars in the Middle East, were illegal immigrants.  Once again, I am sad to say, theses attacks were 100% preventable had the U.S. government not turned a blind eye to enforcement of current U.S. immigration law.

It is only fortune that has prevented these tragedies from being played out again and again.  The shoe bomber, underwear bomber, and time square bomber all legally entered this country from countries with known radical Islamic activities.  Even though their incompetence kept lives from being lost, American immigration policy gave them the opportunity to try.

Increased and enhanced security, though that beneficial, will not stop future attacks.  Real immigration reform and enforcement can.

The country is actively involved in conflicts with radical Islam throughout the world.  Is it not commonsense to temporarily halt immigration from countries known to breed radical Islam?

In both WWI and WWII the federal government had the wherewithal to protect the homeland by suspending naturalization from our enemies.  While the US is involved in the global war on terror, so too should immigration be suspended for anyone coming from or having spent large amounts of time in these countries.
Better yet, immigration from all countries should be temporarily halted or reduced to replacement levels while those already here have time to assimilate to America’s unique and exceptional culture.

True comprehensive immigration reform would do just that.  It would also give preferential treatment to the best and brightest.  It would require mandatory E-verify for all businesses, no exceptions, and stream line deportation for illegal immigrants.  Most importantly, it would enforce the provisions of Section 8 USC 1324 (a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii) which makes it a felony to hire illegal immigrants. 

When most people complain the current CIR provides amnesty to illegal immigrants, they are right in so far as they are given immediate legal status.  But, I go one step further.  It grants amnesty to the ruthless and unscrupulous employers who have for years knowingly flaunted immigration laws and hired illegal immigrants to try and gain an unfair labor subsidy against their competitors.

These employer’s actions have depressed wages, given rise to disastrous levels of unemployment against America’s native low-skilled labor force, and stifled innovation.

When Senator Rubio says the time for comprehensive immigration reform is now, he is half right.  Now is the time, but their suicidal plan is not the plan. 

Real comprehensive immigration reform would include the following and nothing less:

  • Restrict new immigration to replacement levels until those who are already here have assimilated.
  • Suspend immigration from countries with known terrorist activities and from any person having spent any significant time in these countries.
  • Allow high-skilled immigrants in fields such as math, science, and medicine to be moved to the front of the line.
  • End chain migration, allowing only for the minor children of immigrants.
  • End birthright citizenship.
  • End all welfare benefits for immigrants and their minor children.
  • Institute an immigration tax on foreign-born citizens to subsidize the cost of enforcing immigration laws and subsidizing medical care for illegal immigrants.
  • Suspension of low-skilled (i.e. those with no secondary or college education) immigration during periods when the federal unemployment level for low-skilled workers is above 4.5%.
  • Most importantly, mandatory enforcement of existing immigration laws with regards to employers who hire illegal immigrants.
  • Mandatory use of E-verify for all employers.
I urge you to STRONGLY oppose any CIR plan that doubles down on the mistakes of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965.

The Kansas Citian

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