Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can Illegally Immigrate to America

Train of death: Migrants ride on top of a northern bound train in southern Mexico on Monday

From Mail Online:
The freight train known as The Beast travels from the southern Mexican town of Arriaga up to Mexico City.
And every day hundreds of migrants, mostly from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras or Nicaragua, sit on top of the notorious train, often for days at a time. 
It is also known as the Train Of Death. Riding precariously on top of the moving containers, migrants are often maimed or killed if they fall due to dehydration or fatigue.
Then there is the human threat. These vulnerable travelers have been increasingly targeted by criminal gangs, people smugglers, kidnappers and corrupt officials.
Driven by poverty at home many are hoping for a better life in the U.S. The journey north take leads them closer to the Mexican border with the United States.
According to Amnesty International thousands of migrants are ill-treated, abducted or raped.When the travelers reach Mexico City, more organized criminals are often lying in wait. JorgĂ© Andrade told the Independent that gangs charge the migrants to get to shelter. 
'If they don’t pay, they kidnap, beat them, ask for sexual favours. In the worst case, they’ll be forced to work for the gangs or be killed.' Andrade said.

Risky: Traveling on the train of death 

Countryside: The freight train passes through the Mexican fauna on its way north

First leg: This train ends up in Mexico City

Long journey: The riders can stay on the train for days on end

Stoppage: The migrants are maimed or worse if they fall off the train when it is in motion

Risk: The desperate travelers, mostly from Central America, cling to the roof and sides of the freight train

The Beast: Migrants walk along the tracks after getting off a train during their dangerous journey

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