Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Marathon Suspects Prove the Problems with Mass Immigration

Imagine if during World War I Democrat President Woodrow Wilson pushed for increasing the number of Germans allowed to immigrate into the United States.  Imagine again if during World War II, Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt pushed for increasing the number of Japanese allowed immigrate into the United States.

These presidents understood that a population of people living in the United States with loyalties to foreign countries and foreign ideologies that stood in direct conflict with America's way of life were dangerous.  So dangerous, they took the very extreme measures of interning German and Japanese Americans in order to prevent domestic terror attacks, sabotage and espionage.

Now, no one is suggesting Muslims should be interned in the United States, but does it make since for American immigration policy to not only allow for mass numbers of Muslim immigrants, but to encourage them to come from countries with known hot beds of terrorist activities or current theaters of operation in the Middle East?  I ask, because that is exactly what our current immigration policy does and what the proposed comprehensive immigration plan dreamed up by the so-called gang of 8, which includes Republican Senators Rubio, McCain and Graham.

We now know the two perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing were recent Muslim Chechen immigrants.  Both described themselves on social networks as extremely religious.  Their father has even threatened for all hell to break out on America if they are killed by police. At the time of this writing one already has been in an apparent suicide bombing.

We know Chechnya is a hot bed of Islamic terror.  In recent years Chechen Muslims have taken hostage an elementary school which ended in the death of 380 people, primarily children.  They also took a movie theater full of patrons hostage, 130 of which were killed before Russian forces could put down the attack.

Why on Earth would the United States allow any immigration at all from Chechnya during a period in which we know such acts are taking place?

The threat of mass immigration of Muslims doesn't end there.  The numbers of Islamic Somali immigrants has been soaring over the past decade or more.  Somalia is the same country in which Osama bin Laden was actively working during the Clinton administration and where the tragic events of Black Hawk Down unfolded.  One only needs to look at Minnesota to see the ills that mass Somali immigration has wrought.

If the U.S. government were serious about homeland security and comprehensive immigration reform they would be locking down the southern border and ports and reducing immigration to replacement levels, with preferential treatment given to highly skilled workers, they would end chain migration except for minor children, and they would put temporary holds on immigration from countries that are known hot beds of terrorist activity, like Chechnya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and among others.

We have to admit to ourselves that we are in the midst of a global conflict of ideologies.  One which wants to be open to the rest of the world and one in which they want to convert or exterminate the rest of the world.  Until that is not the case, America's current immigration policy is nothing more than a suicide pact designed to eat away at the distinct American culture and way of life.

The so-called Gang of 8 should be ashamed and their policies, along with those of their predecessors who have enacted these policies or failed to enforce the penalties for aiding and abetting illegal immigration, primarily on employers, can and should be considered treasonous.

I'll leave the devastating affects of mass immigration on low-skilled employment for another day, let's just say it makes little since to import 1.5 million low-skill workers in an age when there is an overwhelming abundance of unemployed low-skilled native workers ready and able to be put to work for a market driven wage.

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