Friday, March 22, 2013

The One-State Solution, End Apartheid in Israel

President Obama is currently visiting Israel.  He's given several speeches that have drawn criticisms from Israel's supporters in the U.S.  In a Facebook post earlier today, Sarah Palin joined this effort.
"It's been observed that a Palestinian child cannot grow up 'in a state of her own' because of Palestinian leaders' decisions. 
"There seems to be nothing on the horizon to change the mindset of those who would raise Palestinian children to hate and be intolerant of Jews, Christians, and other 'infidels.' Bottom line: until that changes and until the Palestinian people become genuine partners in peace with Israel, little movement towards peace can be made. "
In this sentiment, I find myself in partial agreement with Palin.  Yes, peace is going to be difficult, if not impossible until Palestinians stop teaching their children to hate their Jewish neighbors.  Unfortunately, as long as Israel is perceived by Palestinians as occupying their land in Gaza and the West Bank by erecting barricades around the areas, building separate road ways for Palestinians, and continued settlement expansion Israeli policies only feed into the hatred being taught to these children.

Perhaps the proper solution in Israel is not a two state solution, but a one state solution.  One that seeks to treat Palestinians and Israelis as neighbors and fellow countrymen.  One that treats Jew and Palestine as equals.  Isn't it time we call for an end to apartheid in Israel?

As one nation the Israeli government would have regulatory power over the air waves and educational systems in Palestinian areas.  They could enact policies similar to those in western Europe and the United States in which racial hatred can not be taught nor tolerated.

It is true, such a plan would be difficult at first.  Both Jews and Palestinians may react violently to such a plan.  But, how is that any different than today?  In the end, whether it be the civil rights movement in the U.S. or the end of apartheid in South Africa, overtime the people's views change and grow to recognize each other as human beings and not the boogeymen they had been led to believe they were.

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