Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Obama Admin Remains Opulent While Spreading Around the Pain

Instead of spreading around the wealth, like President Obama once promised, his administration is using his sequester plan to spread around the pain.  While the Obama administration has moved quickly to cut military tuition benefits and cancel White House tours under the guise of budget cut necessities, they have refused to cut back on their extravagant lifestyle and other government excesses.

The Secret Service has claimed it costs them $74,000 per week to provide security for White House tours.  However, what they neglect to mention is the 50 agents assigned to security duty for these tours are not being laid off or furloughed now that they tours have been cancelled.  Instead, they will be re-assigned to other posts.[1]   In truth, according to the White House, canceling the tours is only going to save about $18,000 per week, less than 25% of the amount being thrown around by the mainstream media. [2]

Meanwhile, the White House is moving forward on plans to throw a 50th birthday party for Michelle Obama.[3]  Performing at the event will be Beyonce and Adele, among others.  The event is being billed by the White House as a "huge celebrity-packed party" and the one night event is expected to cost taxpayers half a million dollars or more.[4]

ABC World News reported earlier this week that the White House has also spent more the $400 thousand on oil paintings for obscure government officials. [5]  These include paintings of the secretary of agriculture, and other officials at a cost of more than twenty thousand each.  In one case, a oil painting was commissioned for an official that had been in office for less than 8 weeks.  When asked by ABC News about the self-aggrandizing expenditures, Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack dismissed the criticism, calling it "smallball".

Who can forget when Obama's General Services Administration was caught holding lavish Vegas conferences that cost over $800 thousand dollars. [6]  The news offended most Americans who had been struggling under economic pressures created by the diversity recession.  But, that didn't stop President Obama from sitting on the news for nearly a year. [7]  Not only that, but a story that is breaking as I write this reports that a GSA executive who was fired over the scandal is being given his job back. [8]

The exuberant expenditures of the Obama administration don't end there.  There's Michele's designer wardrobe or her staff of 22 which cost $1.6 million per year.  There's the president's 115 and counting gold outings.  There's the vacations to Paris, Hawaii, and more, sometimes multiple vacations at once while the president visits one destination and his wife and kids visit another on the opposite side of the country.  There's studies like the $1.5 million study to determine why lesbians are fat, or the half a million dollar study to test shrimp on treadmills.  There's crucial foreign affairs events like jello wrestling in Antarctica.  Even Obama's secret service got involved in the opulence, hosting wild parties complete with high-class prostitutes during foreign summits.

It's no surprise the vast majority of Americans have become disgusted with the Obama administrations actions amid the sequester.  Some, so much so that they are putting their money where their mouth is.

Earlier this week, real estate tycoon Donald Trump offered to fund the cost of re-opening the White House to public tours. [9]  The White House rejected Trumps offer saying it was "not an option". [10]  Still the President senses his decision to cancel the tours was causing some blow back so he tried to deflect responsibility for the act onto the Secret Service, a claim Obama's own press secretary later refuted [11].

In at least one private, non-profit university the president is coming to the rescue for America's military students by creating the Emergency Military Scholarship Fund.  The fund is designed to bridge the gap left by Obama's halting of the military tuition assistance program, which provided up to $4,500 to service members working on their degree.  The emergency military scholarship fund will allow those students to continue with their education.

Obama may be content to "let them eat cake," but in the mean time, real patriots are standing up to heal the pain created by his hubris.

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