Thursday, March 21, 2013

News Flash for Rand Paul, Patriots Should No Longer Stand With You

“Here’s another news flash,” Rand Paul said during a Fox News interview today in which his support of amnesty or so-called comprehensive immigration reform came into question. “We haven’t been too competitive in the last two national elections.”

Well, here's a news flash for Rand Paul, the election before last featured John McCain, the central figure and de facto leader of the comprehensive immigration reform movement.  Yet, it afforded him less support among Hispanics than his predecessor, George W. Bush.  In fact, over the last 50 years of presidential elections, every time a Republican has passed amnesty or supported it, the GOPs share of the Hispanic vote has declined.  Romney, himself, was the son of a Mexican immigrant.  In the past he has been very receptive to comprehensive immigration reform, yet, he received less support among Hispanics than even McCain.

“What we have now is de facto amnesty.” Paul went on to say, “We have 11 million people here that have been here, some of them for a decade or more. No one is telling them to go home. No one is sending them home.”

At least Paul is right there, but instead of granting these criminals amnesty, why don't the focus on forcing the federal government to enforce the laws already on the books?  Why doesn't the congress use its power to file suit against the administration for releasing criminal illegal aliens?  Why didn't the federal government enforce immigration laws when the GOP had control of the White House and congress?

What is it these Washington politicians are smoking?  The amnesty issue is the single most important issue facing the GOP and the nation.  Should amnesty be enacted, the GOP will not win another national election for the next 50+ years.  The second amendment, taxes, deficits, all of it won't matter because the Democrats will be firmly entrenched for generations.

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