Monday, March 25, 2013

Liberal on Liberal Crime

Whats makes a Republican? (Bare with me for a moment, this will make sense in a little bit.  I promise)  It's simple really.  Whats makes a Republican is someone who believes in a smaller federal government, lower taxes, more individual liberty and responsibility.  Being a Republican is fairly straight forward.  You support policies and people who believe in those basic ideals.

So, why are people Democrats?  Are they people that believe in protecting the environment?  Maybe its people that want to help the working man?  Perhaps it's those who want to further the welfare of minorities in this country.  If so, why do the people who hold one or more of these ideals support people and policies that work directly against them?  In other words, why do Democrats support liberal on liberal crime?

Take the following liberal policy examples that seemingly defy all logic:

Environmentalists vs Unions

The environmental lobby works hard to implement policies that prevent America from exploiting its own natural energy sources.  This includes policies and regulations that have resulted in no oil refineries being built in America since the 70's.  The blocking of oil drilling on federal lands and off our coasts.

The environmental lobby has also launched massive PR efforts to detract Americans' love of SUVs.  They've called for regulations to drive the price of gasoline up, both through restrictions on domestic production, as mentioned above, and by regulating the mix of various chemicals in gas, and levying increased taxes on fuel.

On the other side are the lefts money machines, the unions.  UAW, one of the nations largest labor unions, relies on American automobile companies thriving.  To date, they have done so through the sales of SUVs.  Sure, these companies have tried to roll out more fuel efficient vehicles, but none have met with strong consumer demand and several rely on government subsidies.

In the end, the environmentalists are winning and the unions are seeing their jobs moved to China and Mexico.  Detroit being exhibit A.

Unions vs Environmentalists

While the environmentalists have been winning the energy war at the cost of union jobs, the unions are finding new strategies to refill their ranks.  Where once big union bosses like Caesar Chavez lobbied against the wage suppression effects of illegal immigration, they now champion these policies as a way to build membership in various agriculture unions and the SEIU (Service Employees International Union).

These efforts may serve a stop gap to the ever declining membership rolls of the big unions, they come at a cost to the environment.  Population growth, in and of its self, is detrimental to the environment depleting supplies of fresh water, food, and increased pollution [1].  Illegal immigration has resulted in America's deserts being turned into dumps, man-made forest fires, and more [2].  Illegal immigrants have also been responsible for reintroducing diseases that have long been eradicated in this nation, like TB.  Illegal immigrants have also brought with them various invasive species that have completely wiped out some indigenous species and destroyed or damaged eco habitats.

Environmentalists vs the Poor

As previously mentioned, the environmental lobby has been successful in limiting domestic oil production and driving up the cost of energy.  Gasoline prices have more than doubled in the last 8 years, natural gas and home heating oil have seen 10 to 20% annual increases, and food costs have climbed dramatically over those same period.  As a result, they've been able to slow the growth of consumption in these commodities, but at what cost?

The cost for America's poor to heat their homes, cloth and feed their families, and travel to work are growing at unsustainable levels.  The result is a record number of Americans relying on food and other assistance programs.

The Poor vs Unions

Unions are supposed to help the poor get better, more sustainable jobs.  But, as they have put pressure on the federal government to relax its immigration enforcement in order to help increase union membership, they've allowed a growing criminal incursion into low income neighborhoods.  MS13 and other gangs supported by Mexican drug cartels have driven African Americans out of communities like south Los Angeles.

We could probably go on all day giving examples of the causes championed by liberal groups running afoul of each other, hopefully you are starting to get the point.  These examples show that the left's "big tent" only holds together so long as they have a boogeyman to point towards.  This is why Democrats like President Obama and Nancy Pelosi resort to fear, hatred, and "revenge" for support.  Without them, the liberal might take a moment and realize that the people they are supporting are busy working against them in order to keep their fragile "coalition" together.

Without focusing on the negatives, African Americans might wake up to the realization that left-wing policies have hurt, not helped their circumstances.   That they are being systematically replaced by what the left calls the Hispanic "emerging majority," which will not only be able to take advantage of laws African-Americans fought for trying to reverse the effects of slavery, but new laws designed to benefit Hispanics over all others, policies like Amnesty and bi-lingual education.  Environmentalists might wake up to the fact that the lefts support of illegal and mass immigration is having a devastating effect on the environment in the U.S.  America's poor might wake up to the fact that environmentalists are driving up the cost of living, essentially rendering them even more poor.

Unfortunately, instead of pointing out these hypocrisies, the GOP establishment class believes the future of the party is tied to adopting those same contradictory and suicidal policies.

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