Tuesday, March 12, 2013

'Killing Jews is Worship' Says Controversial New Ad


Described by the SPLC as a shrill anti-Muslim because she is "sharply critical of liberal Jews' and a vocal critic of the "religion of peace," Pamela Gellar is at it again.  This time she has taken to the San Fransico streets to get out her message.  The new ad campaign features prominent Muslims declaring war on Jews with such quotes as "Killing Jews is Worship and draws us closer to Allah" and describing the Muslim faithful as soldiers.  Many of those pictured in the ads have carried out various terrorist attacks in America.

Gellar, who publishes the atlasshrugs blog, says the ads in response to a recent campaign from CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) in which they attempt to disassociate the word 'jihad" with violence.    The Board of Supervisors President has labeled the ads anti-Muslim, despite the fact they do not label all Muslims as terrorists and instead ask average Muslims to reflect on what Jihad means to them in light of the comments made by some radical Muslim extremists.

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