Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Federal Judge OKs Ban on Anti-American Course Work

A federal judge for the ninth circuit court agreed with a previous administrative law judge ruling upholding the right of the states to ban anti-American and anti-White public school educational course work:
[T]he ALJ concluded that the evidence “establish[ed] that the MAS program has classes or courses designed for Latinos as a group, that promotes racial resentment against ‘Whites,’ and advocates ethnic solidarity of Latinos.”
The federal judge went on to say the states have an inherent right to prevent educational instruction designed to breed resentment and encourage the overthrow of the American government.  The provisions of the law upheld by the court are:

  1. Ban of curricula that promotes the overthrow of the United States government.
  2. Ban of curricula that promotes resentment of a race of class of people.
  3. Ban of curricula that promotes ethnic solidarity instead of treating people as individuals.
The court struck down one provision that would have banned the creation of courses designed specifically for students of a particular ethnic group.

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