Monday, March 4, 2013

Everybody Move to the Back of the Bus

From the Guardian:

The Israeli government will on Monday begin operating a "Palestinians-only" bus service to ferry Palestinian workers from the West Bank to Israel, encouraging them to use it instead of travelling with Israeli settlers on a similar route.
Palestinians used to use Palestinian minibuses and taxis to travel into Israel but Israel has increased the number of permits it gives to Palestinians which has led to more mixing on shared routes.
The Israeli civil rights group, Checkpoint Watch, which monitors the army's treatment of Palestinians at West Bank checkpoints has reported recent incidents of Palestinians being ejected from buses and told they were not allowed to board them.
In 2011 Palestinian activists were arrested after they boarded Israeli buses in the West Bank to protest against segregation.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if ridership on American city buses and subways would increase if they had a separate line for our 'Palestinians'. I think most Americans are afraid of public transport. Maybe we could adopt Israeli policies and get more people to use public transportation.