Friday, March 15, 2013

Can You Tell If a Man is Racist Just by Looking?

Men with more testosterone are more likely to be racist, at least that's what one far left reporter expects you to believe a new study says about what we can tell about a man just by looking.  
"Recent research indicates that men with high levels of testosterone have certain facial characteristics that set them apart from men with less testosterone. In particular, they have what researchers call a higher facial Width-to-Height Ratio (fWHR) which compares the distance between cheekbones to the distance between the upper lip and midbrow. Men with a higher ratio have faces that appear a bit wider horizontally and bit compressed vertically (see below). Studies suggest they also tend to behave more often in ways we commonly associate with testosterone"
In the writer's mind, more testosterone equals more racists tendencies.
"In the world outside your local Tea Party Rally, of course, society says it’s bad to openly express racist opinions. So the Delaware researchers, led by psychology and brain science professor, Eric Hehman (now at Dartmouth), wondered if men with a higher fWHR might feel more comfortable expressing explicitly racist opinions because their high testosterone made them feel less socially inhibited. After gathering and testing 70 white males, researchers found that, relative to the others, they did."
It never hurts to throw in that whole Tea Party is racist false meme, does it?  But, hold on there, Skippy.  What else did that study find?  That's right, when testing for actual racist feelings, men with higher fWHR did not exhibit racist feelings at any degree higher than their more weaker counterparts.
"Hehman pointed out that he and his colleagues also tested the 70 men in the study on expressions of “implicit” racial prejudice, which he described as “an automatic association of other races with ‘bad things’”—a kind of unconscious response “that people are less able to control.” When it came to these implicit expressions of prejudice, they had no correlation with a person’s face shape."
So basically, we have a study that really says nothing at all about race.  Instead we have a study that confirms that men with higher levels of testosterone are more likely to voice their beliefs and opinions, whether those opinions are on race or any other subject.  The good news is, the study does show we are able to tell, with a great deal of accuracy, who is likely to be a coward.

Hat tip to iSteve for sharing and giving us a glimpse at the doctor behind the study.

I'll let you figure out what fWHR says about our Dear Leader.


Anonymous said...

No doubt funded by a guy known as Ray Cist of the Soros Institute For Somekindachange.

chuck said...

The critria designating "racist" the tendancies assigned to such Confederate countenances is no doubt deternined by an unbiased organization such as the SPLC.

Or even better, one of the millions of extemporaneous judges who walk amongst we plebes with the mandate to make such proclamations genetically placed in thier skin.