Wednesday, March 13, 2013

American Tyranny Rising: Obama Admin Seeks to Grant CIA, NSA Access to American's Private Financial Data

The Obama administration is drawing up plans that will give the CIA, NSA and other intelligence agencies access into a government database that contains private financial data about Americans and others who bank in the country.

The financial database contains information submitted by banks to the government that qualify as "suspicious customer activity". Here are some examples the government provides as activities that would be considered "suspicious", this list is by no means complete:
  • Is the amount of the transaction unusually large for the typical customer or for the MSB?
  • Does the customer make the same or similar transactions more frequently than normal?
  • Does the type of transaction seem unusual for the customer or the MSB?
  • Customer uses fake ID.
  • Two or more customers use similar IDs.
  • Customer changes a transaction after learning that he or she must show ID.
  • Customer conducts transactions so that they fall just below amounts that require reporting or record keeping.
  • Two or more customers, trying to evade BSA requirements, seem to be working together to break one transaction into two or more transactions.
  • Customer, trying to evade BSA requirements, uses two or more MSB locations or cashiers on the same day to break one transaction into smaller transactions.
Institutions required to comply with SA Reporting are not limited to banks, they also include casinos, stock brokers, check cashing services, precious metal/gemstone dealers and jewelry stores.  The announcement has not only caused concern among privacy advocates, but gun rights proponents say it is proof the federal government can not be trusted to not share background check and gun registration data.

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