Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ahead of Obama Visit, Israel Lines Street with Upside Down US Flags

You aren't likely to find images of the latest insult on America by Israel, because they've been scrubbed from the web.  Supposedly, it is being fixed:

US officials overseeing preparations for next week’s visit to Israel by President Barack Obama were alarmed to see that hundreds of American flags displayed along the main highway approaching Jerusalem were suspended upside down. 
The flags, hanging from poles attached to streetlamps along the road, had the stars toward the base of the flag pole, Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Thursday.
Officials for the Jerusalem Municipality claim the incident was caused by the strip of cloth that attaches the flags to the street polls being sewn on the wrong end.  Of course, that would imply the workers at the company they contracted with the flags had no idea how the American flag should fly.  The workers who put up the flags didn't recognize the error and went ahead and put them up.  And the administrators overseeing the project missed it, along with every Israeli citizen in the area.

Only when US officials arrived to make preparations for Obama's visit did they catch it.

The United States provides Israel $8.5 million per day in military aid.  They contribute $3 billion in foreign aid annually, one-fifth of the U.S.'s entire foreign aid budget.  In addition to direct aid, Israel enjoys a profitable free trade agreement in which its economy benefits from a near 2 to 1 trade imbalance.

The United States has used it's veto power in the UN 79 times, 41 of which have been for the direct benefit of Israel.

A significant number of Israeli citizens hold dual citizenship in America, many serve in our government.  The congress is currently considering HR 300, a bill to allow Israelis to travel to the U.S. without a visa.

And yet, they still can't be bothered to learn our flag customs?  I don't buy it.

It's one thing for an American to protest the ever expanding federal government in their home country by flying the flag in distress, it is quite another for officials of a foreign nation to do so.  Imagine the outcry had Iran done something like this.


Anonymous said...

Look at this list of the world's flags. Even if one had never seen a US flag, it wouldn't be too difficult to surmise that the small blue field with stars should fly in the top left corner, not the bottom corner. The overwhelming majority of flags with small corner fields, like the Australian, Greek and Taiwanese, all have those special fields at the top, not bottom. Given the supposed intelligence of Jews, you'd have thought this would not have been too difficult for them.

Eric Mertz said...

Flying a flag such as that of the US upside down is a means to alert an observer that one is in distress. Perhaps, this was an intentional insult to Obama - a means of saying that the US is in distress due to his administration and the policies they have chosen.

Anonymous said...

If the flying of the upside down flag were done by a bunch of veterans, tea party patriots, or other Americans I would agree. For a foreign natiin to fly the American flag upside down, it is nothing less than an insult. If this is how Israel treats its allies, its no wonder its the source of constant tension and war.