Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What the GOP Can Learn From Maker's Mark

Right now you are probably asking yourself, "what on Earth could the GOP learn from an alcohol producer?"  The answer comes down to simple misunderstanding of one's own brand.

A little over a week ago Maker's Mark announced it would begin watering down it's world famous bourbon.  Loyal customers were not pleased and began voicing their complaints.

Consumers spoke. The company listened. 
Maker’s Mark is just the most recent company to misjudge its customers or its product and backpedal to protect its brand.
Much like Maker's Mark, and Coca Cola in the 80's, establishment Republicans are guilty of drastically misunderstanding the party's brand.

When Reagan won sweeping elections in 1980 and 84 it was because of his conservative, low-tax, pro-American stance.  In the early 90's, George HW Bush flushed that support away when he chose to raise taxes while failing to reign in spending.  In the late 90's, the GOP was once again rushed back into power when they created the contract with America, promising to go back to those conservative, low-tax, pro-American values.

George W. Bush road that wave of support into the White House in 2000.  Unfortunately, Bush and establishment class Republican broke that contract with America.  They passed massive amounts of unfunded spending and government growth.  Then they took to calling for amnesty for approximately 12 million illegal immigrants, a sign many Americans view as rewarding law breakers and penalizing those who play by the rules.  As a result, Republicans lost support and control of the congress and senate.

This failure to adhere to the Republican brand allowed one of the farthest left Democrats to rise to power, Barrack Obama.  Joined by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, Democrats ushered in the largest growth of government in all of human history.  The American people took notice.

The Tea Party emerged to combat the growing intrusion into Americans' lives.  Their support, based largely around the idea of constitutional, small government, turned power in the House back over to the GOP and made strong gains in the Senate ensuring the GOP had enough votes to filibuster any far left, constitutionally questionable legislation.

After a series of defeats in the Supreme Court, tea party activists became discouraged and the energy began to wain.  Even though Republicans held their majority in the House and their filibuster capable position in the Senate, Obama was re-elected.  Instead of taking this as a sign they needed to get tougher and start going out on a limb to support their constituents, they took it as a sign to once again move back toward the left and big government.

The GOP led House agreed to and passed a tax increase on the wealthy and every working American by not extending the Social Security tax break.  They agreed to raising the debt ceiling to continue to fund Obama's out-of-control deficit spending.  And now, it has come to light that Republicans like Senator Marco Rubio, joined by senators McCain and Graham, and undisclosed GOP members of the House have been meeting with Democrats behind closed doors to come up with and pass an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants.

The total cost estimated for providing amnesty to the 12 million plus illegals living in the U.S. is more than $2.3 trillion.  Add to that the fact that illegals break for the Democrats nearly 2 to 1 and we find that not only would any amnesty plan result in yet another massive expansion of government that the country has to borrow to fund, but it would also hand over control of the federal government to the Democrats for the next several generations.

Like Maker's Mark, the establishment class Republican's have become so fixated on what they are being told they should do, that they have lost sight of what they are doing right.  Studies have shown that not only would granting amnesty not garner Republicans any more support among Latino voters, but it would actually hurt them among their base.  Amnesty is not only bad for the country, it is suicidal for the GOP.

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Proper name for the concept of "Amnesty" as defined by the Democrats:


It's one thing for them to systematically commit vote fraud, but it's entirely another for them to tax-and-spend our money to buy votes in such an egregious manner.