Thursday, February 28, 2013

Time Warner Cable's Racially Charged Revision of the American Revolution

I knew it, Washington and the rest of the founding fathers were just a bunch of bumbling idiots... either that or this ad is yet another subliminal attack on American culture and heritage.

Ask yourself this, when is the last time you watched a TV show or commercial in which the white males weren't portrayed as bumbling idiots, think Modern Family, the Neighbors, New Girl, Raising Hope, Ben and Kate, Guys with Kids, etc?  It's all part of the planned emasculation of the white male.

But, the medias subliminal attacks on American culture and heritage don't end there.  When is the last time you saw a wedding on a TV show or movie in which the characters did not write their own vows?  Or where the ceremony wasn't performed by the best friend who got ordained online?  It's as if they'd have you believe everyone in the country has become creative writers and completely discarded their covenant before God.

The democrats know media influences and they have made ample use of it, even blatantly like when they started asking Hollywood to include pro-Obamacare content in their sitcoms.  Suddenly we are bombarded with shows like the Mindy Project, that from its very first episode implied no one had health insurance. Last night, NBC's Whitney praised Obama for passing Obamacare so her boyfriend can safely ride his new motorcycle.

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