Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Obamacare is the Answer this idiot's quandary.

Donna Brazile, Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee, can't figure out why her healthcare premiums are going up.  After being taken to task by conservative radio, she tried to cover.

She then goes on to say she won't have to worry about her premiums going up much longer:

We call that price fixing, kids, and it is illegal under the Sherman Antitrust Act:
The agreement to inhibit price competition by raising, depressing, fixing, or stabilizing prices is the most serious example of a per se violation under the Sherman Act. Under the act, it is immaterial whether the fixed prices are set at a maximum price, a minimum price, the actual cost, or the fair market price. It is also immaterial under the law whether the fixed price is reasonable. 
All horizontal and vertical price-fixing agreements are illegal per se. Horizontal price-fixing agreements include agreements among sellers to establish maximum or minimum prices on certain goods or services. This can also include competitors' changing their prices simultaneously in some circumstances. Also significant is the fact that horizontal price-fixing agreements may be direct or indirect and still be illegal. Thus, a promotion or discount that is tied closely to price cannot be raised, depressed, fixed, or stabilized, without a Sherman Act violation. Vertical price-fixing agreements include situations where a wholesaler mandates the minimum or maximum price at which retailers may sell certain products.[1]

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