Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Obama Took Solo Vacation with Reggie Love

It's quickly becoming one of the nation's worst kept secrets, the president's relationship with his former personal trainer, Reggie Love.  Many wondered why Obama chose to take a separate vacation from his spouse for the Valentines holiday, perhaps we now know why:
Via the pool report:
AF1 wheels down Andrews at 7:45pm. POTUS came back to have a 10-minute off the record talk with pool at the end of the flight. 
Reggie Love departed AF1 soon after POTUS, apparently a guest for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Q: Which one is "bottom"?

A: Both. Of the barrel.

President Abomination said...

The press corps though Barry was on the skeet range again because they kept hearing "Pull!, Pull!" being yelled.

Anonymous said...

Clinton said, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." No-one believed him.

If Obama says the same thing about the FLOTUS it will be the first truth to emit from his lying mouth in years.