Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shameful? The Republican Disconnect Between Jewish Values and Unquestioning Support for Israel.

When Rupert Murdoch, the half-Jewish owner of News Corp, parent company of Fox News, tweeted, "Why is Jewish owned press so consistently anti-Israel in every crisis?," his critics in the media were quick to lament him.
"That's right, he said Jewish-owned press, reviving the old canard about Jews controlling the media," wrote CNN's Howard Kurtz.
"Murdoch’s implication that Jewish media owners let their Jewishness, rather than professional standards, determine how their newspapers or television stations cover Israel," opined The Daily Beast's Peter Beinart.
“I look forward to a full explanation in tomorrow's Times, which is – rightly – quick to expose the sort of anti-Semitism that harps on about Jewish control of the media,” writes The Telegraph's Damian Thompson.
Slate's Danial Politi claims, "the allegation is factually absurd."
I don't know what is more absurd, Murdoch's antiquated belief that support of Israel is the central tenant of American Jews or that virtually everyone of his biggest detractors in the media happen to be Jewish.

The overriding belief with in the Republican Party is that of individualism, that individuals are responsible for their own actions, and that people are not "groups".  Yet, there is a glaring disconnect between that belief and the subconscious desire by conservatives to win praise and support among American Jews for their unbridled support for Israel.

Take for example the United States veto power in the UN.  Since it's inception in 1970, the US government as exercised its veto power 79 times.  More than 40 of those were cast to block international resolutions condemning actions by Israel. [3]  Are we to take from that, that every nation but the United States is anti-Semitic?  Talk about absurd.

What conservatives need to understand is that no matter how often they put Israel's interests ahead of their own country's by entering into war after war in the Middle East the majority of Jewish Americans will never support them.  The vast majority of American Jews simply do not see their values reflected in the Republican party.

Consider the fact that Jews make up less than 2% of the United States population, yet, they compromise 100% of the ownership in all eight major US film studios [1].  Of the 67 senior television and radio executives in the country, 47 are Jews or have Jewish spouses. [2]  Jews comprise 50% of the Atlantic 50, a list of the nation's fifty most influential columnists, bloggers, and media pundits. [4]

While Murdoch may be mistaken in his assertion that Jews "own" the media, it is evident that the do wield a tremendous amount of influence over what Americans do see, hear, and read to get their news and opinions. To put it more succinctly, Jewish Americans in the media have been central to shaping the hearts and minds of modern day Americans.

American Jewish influence doesn't end in the media.  In 2009, the Daily Princetonian published a study of data collected by Hillel, a Jewish organization, that found, but with the exceptions of Princeton and Dartmouth, that Jews makeup 24% of Ivy League undergraduates.  Of the 24 senior executives of Ivy league schools, 20 are Jewish or have Jewish spouses. [5]

Even in the business sector Jewish Americans maintain their over-representation.  31% of CEO's on the Forbes 400 list are Jewish. 29% of the Federal Reserve chairmen and 24% of the members of the Private Equity Hall of Fame are also Jewish.  Not surprisingly then, Jews comprise 42% of the nation's top political campaign contributors. [6]

The tremendous success individual Jewish Americans have been able to achieve in their respective fields is astounding and something worthy of study.  Holding onto the belief that support for Israel will win the GOP Jewish support goes against the value systems that permeate the Jewish community, the very same community that brought the world grand leftist visions like Marxism, Bolshevism, Communism, Political Correctness, Tolerance, the sexual revolution, and Critical Theory.

You can say what you want about those on the left, but one thing Republicans should learn from them is that they are not willing to compromise their beliefs for the benefit of a foreign nation, even if many of them believe that foreign nation to be their homeland.  They understand that Israel is a sovereign nation, capable of defending itself and carrying out policies that are in its own interests.  They know Israel does't need the United States' approval.

If the GOP hopes to regain relevance, they will need to learn to start putting America and hard working Americans first.

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