Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Obama's Military Voter Suppression

While Democrats are busy trying to thwart efforts to protect the integrity of the vote by resisting efforts to require photo ID, the Obama administration and their campaign is working to suppress the military vote in key battle ground states.

In August, the Obama campaign filed suit to block early voting rules for military voters in Ohio.  Then the Federal Voting Assistance Program provided the wrong application date to Wisconsin municipalities resulting in violations of the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voter Act which requires ballots to mailed out a full 45 days before the deadline allowing enough time for soldiers throughout the world to receive their ballots in time to mail them back in.

Credit: twitchy.com 

Now comes word that absentee ballot requests by military votes in Virginia are down 92% over the last presidential election.  This drop will result in approximately 125,000 fewer votes being cast and is raising concerns about the Pentagon's duty to protect federal voting.  What's worse, the massive drop in ballot requests isn't limited to Virginia. The Military Voter Protection Program reports military absentee ballot requests are down 66% across Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, Alaska, Colorado and Nevada.

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