Monday, October 1, 2012

Obama's War on Diabetics

Late last month Mr. Jones, whose name we have changed for privacy sake, went for his routine doctors visit.  Mr. Jones is a retired, veteran, who suffers from diabetes.  For the first time, his doctor handed him a survey.

When Mr. Jones inquired about the reason for the survey, he was informed it was required to help them comply with the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.  In the form Mr. Jones was asked if his parents had diabetes or if they were smokers.

Once again, My. Jones' curiosity was peaked.  "Why are you asking me this?" he asked.  What his doctor then told him shook him to his core.

According to his doctor, if they were smokers or their parents had diabetes then the amount of his Medicare copay would be negatively impacted, meaning they would be forced to pay more out of pocket out of pocket or cut back on services.  He was also informed the number of visits to help monitor his diabetes that Medicare would cover was being reduced from once every three months, to once every four months.  Thus, if they wanted to maintain their current schedule, they would need to cover the extra visit out of pocket.

As those who suffer from diabetes knows, these visits are crucial for monitoring their condition and reducing the risks associated with the disease.  This incident is just one of many medicare patients will discover as more and more portions of Obamacare begin to go into affect.  Let's just hope they become aware of them before it's too late.


Anonymous said...

That's just crap!

Rusty Shackleford said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's just crap!

Do you mean that is crap, as in the story is false, or that it is bad that changes like this will be taking place?

theKansasCitian said...

I can only assume they mean the policy is crap, because not only do I personally know Mr. Jones and know him to be fully trustworthy, but a simple Google search reveals Medicare rules now restrict reimbursement for diabetic testing to only once every four months.

theKansasCitian said...

It may be even worse. Here is some of the questionairre and what the will pay for as part of diabetes coverage for medicare patients:

"Medicare Part B covers tests to check for diabetes. These screenings are covered if you have any of the following risk factors: high blood pressure (hypertension), history of abnormal cholesterol and triglyceride levels (dyslipidemia), obesity, or a history of high blood sugar. Tests are covered if you answer “yes” to two or more of the following questions:
• Are you age 65 or older?
• Are you overweight?
• Do you have a family history of diabetes (parents, siblings)?
• Do you have a history of gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy),or did you deliver a baby weighing more
than 9 pounds?

Based on the results of these tests, you may be eligible for up to two diabetes screenings every year."

"Medicare Part B covers some diabetes supplies, including blood sugar (glucose) testing monitors, blood sugar (glucose) test strips, lancet devices and lancets, and
therapeutic shoes (in some cases). There may be limits on how much or how often you get these supplies."

"Medicare Part B covers a foot exam every 6 months for people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy and loss of protective sensation, as long as they haven’t seen a foot care professional for another reason between visits."

Before Obamacare, medicare patients only had to pay a co-pay for their diabetic physician visits. Under Obamacare, Medicare patients must now pay 20% of the bill out of pocket. That's a difference of a small $40 or less co-pay versus hundreds of dollars under Obamacare.

theKansasCitian said...

Here's another good read about the wheels coming off Obamacare: