Friday, October 5, 2012

Biggest Drop in Unemployment Rate in More Than 30 Years Magically Occurs in the Final Weeks of the 2012 Election

Here comes some more of that math Obama and Clinton claim to enjoy:

114,000 new jobs in September.  873,000 unemployed people found employment in September.

Apparently, 7.6 people have been hired to work each of the 114,000 new jobs.  Let's not forget that those 114,000 new jobs isn't even enough to keep up with population growth for the month.

Can you say, 'bullshit', kids?  I know you can.


Anonymous said...

I guess we won' get the revisions to this report until November, presumably after the election. I'm willing to bet the unemployment figure is revised upwards, as it has been each and every month for as long as anyone remembers. Of course by that time the election will be over and it won't matter. Today's 7.8 percent figure will end up down the memory hole.

Anonymous said...

Whats the problem with THAT? If Romney wins, there won't be any jobs anyway. Mister Outsource will send the REST of our manufacturing sector jobs overseas, probably through Bain Capital. It'll be a big new contractor like Blackwater.

Then everyone in AMerica can just sell the goods at Walmart, until they automate the rest of the cashier stations and bring the Mexicans in to stock the shelves.