Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Where Have All The Black Voters Gone?

The Democrats want Americans to believe there is absolutely no evidence of voter fraud and that any insinuation of such is merely racism masquerading as voter protection.  Despite the countless real instance of voter fraud we've detailed on this blog, how will Democrats explain this latest revelation?  Nearly seventy percent of black Milwaukee voters have vanished.

New data from Milwaukee give an indication of how dire the Democrats’ disappearing-voter problem already is. This spring, the League of Young Voters, which was created to mobilize young minority communities, collaborated with the liberal Wisconsin Voices coalition to dispatch teams of young canvassers. Starting in April, they spent eight weeks knocking on 120,882 doors across 208 of Milwaukee’s 317 wards to raise awareness of the gubernatorial recall election scheduled for June.  The doors had one thing in common: the voter file said they were all home to a registered voter whom a commercial data vendor had flagged as likely to be African-American.
But the voter file represented a fiction, or at least a reality that had rapidly become out of date.  During those eight weeks, canvassers were able to successfully find and interact with only 31 percent of their targets.
Based on the alarming report a leftist Washington-based organization found that, "nearly 160,000 African-American voters in Milwaukee were no longer reachable at their last documented address — representing 41 percent of the city’s 2008 electorate."

So where did all the black voters go?  Democrats would have you believe more than 40% of the entire cities voting population, regardless of race and party, have simply 'moved' on.  Are we truly to believe that the 28th largest city in the U.S., with a population of 594,000, lost more than 160,000 residents and no one noticed?  Simple logic dictates otherwise.

According to the Milwaukee Business Journal, the foreclosure rate in the city is below the national average at just 2.62 percent.  The Marquette Tribune explains the current housing boom in the city, "Wisconsin’s housing market did not overheat like other states’ did."

So where did all the black voters go?  The most likely answer, they were never there to begin with.

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Anonymous said...

How many cities across the nation have a similar situation? Fraud in cities is easy to get away with given the dense population and the large number of foreign aliens, legal and illegal, that live there. So just eyeballing it would be difficult to know if a city should have half a million votes cast or three quarters of a million.

Cheating like this would be more difficult in rural areas because of the sparse population. A little town like Orrick only has around 900 total people, a good chunk of whom are children. So if Orrick reported 700 votes, you'd know something was fishy.

Herein lies the problem for the republicans. They are strong in rural areas that cannot cheat like this. While the democrats are strong in the big, anonymous cities.

How many elections have been stolen due to these big cities manufacturing nonexistent votes?

A lot of people after 2000 wanted to get rid of the electoral college and just go with the nationwide popular vote instead of statewide popular votes. As I recall if you took away the city of Chicago, Bush would have won the nationwide popular vote. But Chicago skewed so highly toward Gore that he carried the national popular vote. I wonder if Gore's enormous win in Chicago was legit. What about his wins in Philly, Detroit and Milwaukee?

No way would I go for a nationwide popular vote if fraud like this is happening. All a party has to do is rig one big city and they might be able to tilt the entire election.

Of course I doubt if our current justice department will get involved in any way other than to harass Wisconsin for checking voter IDs. I hope more investigating is done on this one.

Nice post.