Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Overland Park Hotel Owner Indited for Hiring Illegal Aliens

Here's how KCTV 5 is reporting the story of one OP business's illegal employment practices:

Munir Ahmad Chaudary, 51, and his wife, Rhonda R. Bridge, 40, both of Overland Park, own the Clarion Hotel at 7000 W. 108th St. in Overland Park and the Clarion Hotel at 11828 NW Plaza Circle near the Kansas City International Airport.
U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom said the grand jury's indictment alleges Chaudary and Bridge knew they were hiring undocumented workers.
"They paid the undocumented workers less and they paid them in cash. Their economic motive was to cut their costs and to get an advantage on other hotels that abided by the law," Grissom said.
The couple has been charged with one count of conspiracy to harbor undocumented workers for personal gain, five counts of harboring undocumented workers for personal gain and four counts of wire fraud.
The government is seeking to forfeit the proceeds of the crimes, including the two hotels the couple own. 
"This prosecution is aimed at unscrupulous employers who are a driving force behind illegal immigration," Grissom said.
There is no law against hiring or harboring "undocumented workers," but there is a law against harboring or hiring "illegal aliens."  I wonder why KCTV 5 would say these unscrupulous business people committed a crime that doesn't even exist?

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Anonymous said...

Judging by the names, it sounds like an Indian immigrant who probably married an American to get his residency. I also wonder if he then used his new status to get an SBA loan, since Indians qualify as disadvantage minorities, to get his hotels.