Thursday, September 6, 2012

Democrat Pleads Guilty to Election Fraud

There's absolutely no need to voter ID or so the Democrats like to proclaim.
A Democratic state legislator from east Arkansas, his father and two campaign workers pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiracy to commit election fraud after federal prosecutors said the lawmaker's campaign bribed absentee voters and destroyed ballots in a special election last year.
The DOJ goes on record with how devastating voter fraud is to the integrity of the vote and the enfranchisement of all Americans:
"In a nation in which every person's vote matters, protecting the integrity of the electoral process from those who seek to win office by cheating the system is critical," Assistant U.S. Attorney Jane Duke said in a statement released by her office. "Voter fraud schemes such as that carried out in the 2011 District 54 race have the devastating effect of eroding public confidence in elected officials and disenfranchising voters."
Here's a list of what they have admitted guilt to:

  1. completing absentee ballots in some instances without regard to the voter's actual candidate choice
  2. ballots containing a vote for Hudson Hallum's opponent, were destroyed
  3. offering money and food to absentee voters in exchange for their support
The Democrat Party weighed in:
"The sanctity of our elections and the rights of voters to see that every vote is counted fairly and responsibly are some of the basic, fundamental liberties of our democracy. No threat to those liberties can or should be endured," Party spokeswoman Candace Martin said.

Does this mean they will finally get behind efforts to secure our elections by requesting a simple photo ID like they do for entering the DNC or like is done in most states when someone wants to buy cough medicine?  I won't hold my breath.

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